Flint River

Flint River, in Georgia, U.S., rises 10 miles S. of Atlanta, and flowing southward 400 miles (150 navigable for steamboats), unites with the Chattahoochee to form the Appalachicola (q.v.).


Flintshire. See Flint.

Flodden Field

Flodden Field, a battlefield on the northern slope of Flodden Hill, one of the eastern and lowest of the Cheviots, 6 miles S. of Coldstream. Here, on 9th September 1513, the Scots met with a grievous defeat at the hands of the English under the Earl of Surrey. They lost from 5000 to 12,000 men, including King James IV. and the flower of his nobility.


Florence, a town in the Staffordshire Potteries, 2 miles SW. of Newcastle-under-Lyme.


Flores, (1) one of the Sunda islands in the East Indies, lying due south from Celebes. Area, 6020 sq. m.; pop. 250,000. It is heavily timbered, and mountainous in the interior. The western half, Mangarai, is subject to a native chief; the eastern half, known as Endeh, belongs to Holland. The trade is principally in tortoiseshell, cinnamon, sandalwood, and edible birds'-nests. - (2) An island of the Azores (q.v.), where in 1591 Sir Richard Grenville in the little Revenge held at bay fifteen Spanish war-ships till his own was a mere wreck - the subject of a noble poem by Tennyson.


Florida, capital of an Uruguayan dep., 67 miles N. of Montevideo by rail. Pop. 2500. - The dep. has an area of 4650 sq. m., and a pop. of 40,600.

Florida Strait

Florida Strait, the channel separating the American state of Florida from Cuba and the Bahamas. It is 310 miles long, 50 to 100 miles wide, and 2220 to 5070 feet deep. The Gulf Stream flows through it.

Floors Castle

Floors Castle. See Kelso.


Fluelen, a village at the southern end of the Lake of Lucerne, on the St Gothard Road and the St Gothard Railway.


Flushing (Dutch Vlissingen), a strong Dutch fortress and seaport, on the south coast of the island of Walcheren, at the mouth of the Western Scheldt, 87 miles SW. of Rotterdam. Formerly an important naval station, it was converted into a commercial harbour in 1865-73. A daily service of steamers connects Flushing with Queen-borough in Kent (8 hours' passage). There is a royal dockyard here; and, since 1875, a large floating-dock. Pop. 18,565.


Flushing, since 1897 included in the City of New York, is in Long Island, on Flushing Bay, a branch of Long Island Sound.


Fly, a river of New Guinea, flowing to the west side of the Gulf of Papua, and forming at its mouth a wide delta. First ascended for 90 miles by MacFarlane and D'Albertis in 1875, it was explored in 1885 by Everill for 200.


Foch'abers, a village of Elginshire, on the Spey, 7 miles ESE. of Elgin. Milne's Free School (1846) is the chief edifice. A mile north is Gordon Castle, the old 'Bog of Gight,' the seat now of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon. Pop. 981.


Foggla (Fodfa), capital of an Italian province, 76 miles NW. of Bari by rail. Supposed to have been built from the ruins of the ancient Arpi, it has a cathedral dating from 1172, but partially rebuilt after an earthquake in 1731. Pop. 53,852.