Fohr, a fertile island in the North Sea, off the west coast of Sleswick. Area, 28 sq. m. ; pop. 4350, Frisians by race. The chief town is Wyk (pop. 1063).


Foix (Fwah), capital of the French dep. of Ariege, in a Pyrenean valley, 44 miles S. of Toulouse by rail. Of the ancient castle of the counts of Foix (1362) there remain only three towers. The town has iron and steel works. Pop. 6177.


Fokshani, a town of Roumania, on the Milkoff, a tributary of the Sereth, 123 miles by rail NE. of Bucharest. Pop. 25,290.


Foldvar, Duna, a town of Hungarv, on the Danube, 4S miles S. of Pesth. Pop. 12,720.


Foligno (Foleen'yo), a cathedral city of central Italy, 25 miles SE. of Perugia. Pop. 9753.


Folkestone, a municipal borough, seaport, and watering-place of Kent, 7 1/2 miles WSW. of Dover, and 7l 1/2 ESE. of London. Built on uneven ground, at the foot of hills 575 feet high, it has rapidly extended and improved since the opening of the railway (1844), and of a daily service of steam-packets to Boulogne. The harbour is much used by boats employed in the herring and mackerel fisheries. In the vicinity are the remains of Roman entrenchments. Harvey, the discoverer of the circulation, was a native, and a statue of him was erected in 1881. Folkestone is included in the parliamentary borough of Hythe (q.v.). Pop. (1851) 6726 ; (1901) 30,650.

Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac (Fon9 du Lac; Fr., 'end of the lake'), capital of a Wisconsin county, at the southern end of Lake Winnebago, 63 miles NNW. of Milwaukee by rail. It carries on a large trade in lumber, and is supplied with water by numerous artesian wells. Pop. 15,024.


Fondl (Foil'dee), a walled cathedral city of Italy, 14 miles NW. of Gaeta. Pop. 6773.


Fonse'ca, a bay on the Pacific coast of Central America, the proposed terminus of a projected interoceanic railway through Honduras.


Fontainebleau (Fon9Henn-blo'), a French town in Seine-et-Marne, near the Seine's left bank, 37 miles SE. of Paris. It is chiefly famous for its royal chateau, and the beautiful forest, 65 sq. m. in area, that surrounds it. The chateau, said to have been founded by Robert the Good towards the end of the 10th century, was rebuilt in 1169 by Louis VII., and enlarged by Louis XL and his successors. After being allowed to fall into decay, it was repaired and embellished by Francis I., Henry IV., Napoleon I., and Louis-Philippe. Pop. 10,078.


Fontarabia, or Fuenterrabia, a picturesque old frontier town of Spain, at the mouth of the Bidassoa, opposite the French town of Hendaye, below the west extremity of the Pyrenees. It was long an important fortress, often taken and retaken. In the Roland legend, it is associated with the defeat at Roncesvalles (q.v.). Pop. 4713.


Fontenay-le-Comte (Fon9t'nay-le-kon9t'), a town in the French dep. of Vendee, on the river Vendee, 27 miles NE. of La Rochelle. It has a beautiful Romanesque church, with a Gothic spire 311 feet high; a fountain from which it is said to have derived its name ; and manufactures of hats, woollens, linen, etc. Pop. 8369.