Fortaleza, the official name of Ceara (q.v.), an important seaport of Brazil.

Fort Augustus

Fort Augustus, a village on the Caledonian Canal, at the head of Loch Ness, 33 miles SW. of Inverness. In 1730 General Wade named a fort here after the Duke of Cumberland. Sold to Lord Lovat (1857), it was presented to the Benedictines, and in 1876-90 converted into a stately abbey. Pop. 611.

Fort de France

Fort de France (formerly Fort Royal), capital of Martinique (q.v.), in the French West Indies, on the west coast. Pop. 8000.

Fort Dodge

Fort Dodge, capital of Webster county, Iowa, 85 miles NW. of Des Moines. It has important manufactures and coal-mines. Pop. 12,170.


Forteviot, the ancient capital of the Picts. Its site is 7 miles SW. of Perth.

Fort Garry

Fort Garry. See Winnipeg.

Fort George

Fort George, a fortress 12 miles NE. of Inverness, on a low sandy projection into the Moray Firth, here only 1 mile broad. Built in 1748 at a cost of 160,000, it covers 12 acres, and can accommodate 2180 men.

Fort Madison

Fort Madison, capital of Lee county, Iowa, on the Mississippi, 19 miles SW. of Burlington, with manufactures of chairs, boots, etc. Pop. 9300.


Fortrose, a watering-place of Ross-shire, on the inner Moray Firth, 10 miles NNE. of Inverness by a railway (1894). With capital links and good bathing, it is one of the Inverness burghs; and its two portions, Chanonry and Rosemarkie, were constituted a royal burgh in 1590. The seat of a Columban monastery in the 6th century, of the bishopric of Ross from 1124, it retains the south aisle and chapter-house of a fine cathedral, demolished to furnish materials for Cromwell's fort at Inverness. Pop. 10(55.

Fort Royal

Fort Royal. See Fort de France.

Fort Scott

Fort Scott, capital of Bourbon county, Kansas, on the Marmiton River, 98 miles S. of Kansas City. It has foundries, machine-shops, etc. Pop. 11,946.

Fort St David

Fort St David, a ruined fortress (British from 1690) on the coast of Madras presidency, 100 miles S. of Madras, on the outskirts of Cuddalore. Clive became its governor in 1756.

Fort St George

Fort St George. See Madras.

Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter. See Sumter.

Fortunate Islands

Fortunate Islands. See Canaries.

Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, capital of Allen county, Indiana, at the confluence of the St Joseph and St Mary's rivers, which form the Maumee, and on the Wabash and Brie Canal, 148 miles ESE. of Chicago. It is an important railway centre, and manufactures organs, woollens, engines, etc. It is the seat of a Catholic bishop, and has Methodist (1846) and Lutheran (1850) colleges. Pop. (1870) 17,718; (1890) 35,392; (1900) 45,115.

Fort William

Fort William, a police-burgh and great tourist centre of Inverness-shire, near the head of saltwater Loch Linnhe, the west base of Ben Nevis, and the south end of the Caledonian Canal, 66 miles SSW. of Inverness. A fort, built here by Monk in 1655, and rebuilt in 1690, was vainly besieged by the Jacobites in 1746. It was dismantled about 1860, and in 1890 made room for the station of the West Highland Railway from Glasgow. Pop. 2087. See also Calcutta.