Fox Islands

Fox Islands. See Aleutian Islands.


Foyers (Fi'ers), a stream of Inverness-shire, running 9 miles N. to the east side of Loch Ness, 10 1/2 miles NE. of Fort Augustus. During the last 1 1/4 mile it descends 400 feet, and forms two magnificent cascades, 40 and 165 feet high.


Foyle, Lough, an inlet of the Atlantic, on the north coast of Ireland, between Londonderry and Donegal counties. It is 15 miles long, 1 mile wide at its entrance, and 10 miles along its south side. Vessels of 600 tons ascend the lough, and also as far as Derry, its principal tributary the Foyle, which, formed near Lifford by the Finn and the Mourne, has a NNE. course of 72 miles.


Fraga, a town of Spain, on the Cinca, 63 miles ESE. of Saragossa. Here, in 1134, the Moors defeated Alfonso I. of Aragon. Pop. 7110.


Framingham, a town of Massachusetts, on the Sudbury River, 24 miles W. by S. of Boston by rail. The township includes Saxonville and South Framingham, with manufactures of blankets and straw goods. Pop. 11,300.


Framlingham ('strangers' town'), a Suffolk market-town, 22 miles NNE. of Ipswich by a branch line. The fine flint-work church, restored in 1888-89, has a tower 90 feet high, and contains noble altar-tombs of the Howards (the third Duke of Norfolk, the poet Earl of Surrey, &c). Separated by the Mere from the red-brick Albert middle-class college (1864) rises the great Edwardian castle, the stronghold successively of Bigods, Mowbrays, and Howards, and Queen Mary's refuge after Edward VI.'s death. Pop. 2515. See Hawes's History of Framlingham (1798).


Francavilla, a town of Italy, 22 miles WSW. of Brindisi. Pop. 18,559.


France, Isle de. See Mauritius.

Franche Oomte

Franche Oomte, an old French province in the basin of the Rhone, comprising the present deps. of Doubs, Haute-Saone, and Jura. Its capital was Besangon.


Francisco, San. See San Feancisco.


Franconia, a loosely connected aggregate of districts and territories lying chiefly within the basins of the Rhine, Main, and Neckar. The name was officially disused from 1806 to 1837, when the three northern divisions of Bavaria were called Upper, Middle, and Lower Franconia.


Fra'neker, a town of the Netherlands, 9 miles WSW. of Leeuwarden by rail. It was the seat of a university from 1585 to 1810. Pop. 6920.


Frankenberg, a town of Saxony, 32 miles SW. of Dresden. It manufactures cottons, woollens, silk-stuffs, etc. Pop. 12,898.


Frankenhausen, a town of Germany, in Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, on the Wipper, 27 miles NNW. of Weimar. It has brine-springs and a hospital for scrofulous children; and in the vicinity are the Kyffhauser and Falkenburg with Barbarossa's Cave. Pop. 5985.


Frankenstein, a town of Prussian Silesia, 37 miles SSW. of Breslau. Pop. 8117.


Frankenthal, a town of the Bavarian Palatinate, 7 miles SW. of Worms by rail, and 3 1/2 W. of the Rhine by a canal. It manufactures sugar, machinery, corks, etc. Pop. 16,942.