Fremantle, the principal seaport of Western Australia, at the mouth of the Swan River, 12 miles SW. of Perth by rail. It was named after Captain Fremantle, R.N. (1829). Pop. 20,450.


Fremont', (1) capital of Dodge county, Nebraska, on the Platte River, 42 miles WNW. of Omaha by the Union Pacific Railway. Population, about 7500. - (2) Capital of Sandusky county, Ohio, at the head of navigation on the Sandusky River, 30 miles SE. of Toledo by rail. It manufactures flour, iron, lime, etc. Pop. 8500.

French Congo

French Congo. See Gaboon.

French Guiana. See Guiana.

French River

French River, a stream of Ontario, flowing 60 miles from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay in Lake Huron.


Frendraught, Aberdeenshire, 11 miles ENE. of Huntly, an old mansion, the treacherous burning of whose tower in 1630 cost the lives of Viscount Aboyne and five others.


Freshwater, a parish at the western extremity of the Isle of Wight. See Farrinqford.


Fresnillo, a mining-town of Zacatecas state, Mexico, 7200 feet above sea-level. Pop. 15,000.


Fresno, capital of Fresno county, California, in the centre of an irrigated raisin-growing district, 207 miles SE. of San Francisco by rail. Pop. (1880) 1113 ; (1900) 12,47a Freston, a Suffolk parish, on the Orwell, 3J miles S. of Ipswich. Here is Freston Tower.

Friars Carse

Friars Carse, a mansion near the Nith, 6J miles NNW. of Dumfries.


Fribourg. See Freiburg.


Friedland, (1) a town of East Prussia, on the Alle, 26 miles SE. of Konigsberg, with 3182 inhabitants. Here Napoleon, on 14th June 1807, defeated the Russian and Prussian forces. - (2) A town in the north-east of Mecklenburg, with 5502 inhabitants. - (3) A manufacturing town in the north of Bohemia, on the Wittig, 16 miles N. of Reichenberg by rail, with a pop. of 4817. From the last Wallenstein took his ducal title.


Friedrichroda, a town of Thuringia in the charming Schilfwasser valley, 13 miles SW. of Gotha by rail, is a summer-resort for some 7000 visitors. Here is the Duke of Gotha's beautiful country seat, Reinhardsbrunn. Pop. 4146.


Friedrichsdorf, a town of Hesse-Nassau, on the southern slope of the Taunus, 3 miles NE. of Homburg. Pop. 1189 - French-speaking descendants of a Huguenot colony (1687).


Friedrichsruh (Fre'driks-roo), the castle and estate of Bismarck, in Lauenburg, Sleswick-Hol-stein, 16 miles SE. of Hamburg.


Friesland, or Vriesland (Fres'land; anc. Frisia), in its widest sense, as the country of the Frisian race, included the provinces of Zealand, North and South Holland, part of Utrecht, Fries-land proper (1280 sq. in. ; pop. 342,290), and Gron-ingen in Holland, together with Prussian East Friesland (1200 sq. m. ; pop. 239,960) and a part of Oldenburg, the western coast of Sleswick between the Eider and the Tondern, and the islands of Sylt, Fohr, Nordstrand, and others.

Frisches HafF

Frisches HafF (' Fresh-water Bay'), a Prussian lagoon, SE. of the Gulf of Danzig, 50 miles long, 4 to 11 broad, and 332 sq. m. in area.