Friuli (Fre-oo'le; Lat. Forum Julii), a once independent duchy at the head of the Gulf of Venice. With a total pop. of about 700,000, and a total area of 3470 sq. m., it is divided between Austrian Friuli (the districts of Gbrz, Gradisca, and Idria) and Italian Friuli (the province of Udine and the district of Portogruaro).

Frobisher Bay

Frobisher Bay, an inlet opening westward near the mouth of Davis Strait, into the territory called by Frobisher Meta Incognita, at the southern end of Baffin Land. It is 200 miles long by above 20 wide, with rugged mountainous shores.


Frodsham, a market-town of Cheshire, near the confluence of the Weaver and Mersey, 10 miles NE. of Chester. Pop. 2333.


Frogmore, in the Little Park, Windsor, Berks, with the mausoleum of the Prince-Consort.


Frohsdorf, a village in Lower Austria, on the Leitha, 30 miles S. of Vienna. Its splendid castle from 1844 till 1883 was the residence of the Comte de Chambord.


Frome, a market-town of Somerset, on the Frome, a branch of the Avon, 12 miles S. of Bath (19 by rail). Its parish church is a fine Decorated building, with a spire 120 feet high, stations of the cross, and the grave of Bishop Ken. Frome's specialties are broadcloths and other fine woollens, and it also produces cards for dressing cloth, ale, silk, etc. Population, a little over 11,000. Till 1885 Frome returned one member. The forest of Selwood was in the vicinity.


Frontignan (Frong-teen-yong), a town of the French dep. of Herault, 12 miles SW. of Mont-pellier, famed for its muscatel wine. Pop. 4744.


Frosino'ne (anc. Frusino), a town of Italy, 60 miles SE. of Rome. Pop. 9018.

Frozen Strait

Frozen Strait, a passage, 15 miles wide, separating Southampton Island, in the north of Hudson Bay, from Melville Peninsula.


Fuca, or Juan de Fuca, Strait, a passage separating Washington state from Vancouver Island, and connecting the Pacific Ocean with the Gulf of Georgia. It contains several islands, one of which, San Juan, was awarded in 1872 by the emperor of Germany to the United States ; and it and several neighbouring islands now form a county of Washington state.


Fu-chau. See Foochow.


Fucino (Foo-che'no), Lake of (anc. Fucinus Lacus), or Lago di Cela'no, a lake of Italy, in the province of Aquila, 61 sq. m. in area, and 2172 feet above sea-level. Being only 75 feet deep and having no constant outflow, it was subject to sudden risings, which inundated the surrounding regions. In 44-54 a.d. the Emperor Claudius cut a subterranean channel, nearly 3 miles long, through Monte Salviano. This tunnel, however, soon became obstructed ; and as the lake had been steadily rising from 1783, a new canal was made (1852-62). By 1875 the lake was dry ; it is now under cultivation.


Fuego, Tierra del. See Tierra del Fuego.

Fuente Alamo

Fuente Alamo, a town of Spain, 20 miles S. of Murcia. Pop. 8167.