Galena, a city of Illinois, on the Fevre River, 6 miles above its junction with the Mississippi, and 133 WNW. of Chicago by rail. Pop. 5035.


Galesburg, a city of Illinois, 53 miles WNW. of Peoria by rail. It has foundries, machine-shops, and agricultural manufactories, and is the seat of the Lombard University (Universalist, 1857) and of Knox College (Congregational, 1841). Pop. (1860) 4959 ; (1900) 18,600.


Galesville, a post-village of Wisconsin, 15 miles ENE. of Winona, with a Methodist uni-versity (1855). Pop. 810.


Galicz. See Halicz.


Gallon, a town of Ohio, 58 miles N. by E. of Columbus, with cigar-factories, machine-shops, railroad-shops, etc. Pop. 7326.

Galla Country

Galla Country, a region south of Abyssinia and west of Somaliland, inhabited by two or three millions of fierce, energetic, mainly heathen Gallas, some of whom have been Mohammedanised, and others, on the Abyssinian frontiers, profess a corrupt Christianity. Many parts of southern Abyssinia are held by Gallas, who belong probably to the Hamitic stock.


Galle, or Point de Galle, a fortified seaport of the south-west extremity of Ceylon, stands on a low rocky promontory, and has a good harbour. It has lost its former importance as a coaling and transhipping station;for the great lines of ocean-steamers since the completion of the breakwater at Colombo. Pop. 40,000.


Galle'go, a principal affluent of the Ebro.


Gallip'oli (Greek Kallipolis), a cathedral city of southern Italy, on a steep insulated rock in the Gulf of Taranto, connected with the mainland by a bridge, 59 miles by rail S. of Brindisi. It has a fortified harbour protected by a mole, and exports olive-oil. Pop. 11,000.


Gallipoli (anc. Kallipolis), a seaport of Turkey, on the peninsula of the same name (the ancient Thracian Chersonesus), at the north-eastern extremity of the Dardanelles, 90 miles S. of Adrian-ople, and 130 WSW. of Constantinople. It is the headquarters of the Turkish fleet. Pop. 25,000.


Galston, an Ayrshire village, 5 miles SE. of Kilmarnock by rail. It manufactures muslins and lace, and has neighbouring coal-pits. Pop. 4885.


Galt, a town of Ontario, Canada, on the Grand River, 25 miles by rail E. by N. of Hamilton. It manufactures flour, machines, cast-iron, paper, leather, etc. Galt was founded in 1816. Pop. 8000, mostly of Scotch descent.

Galtee Mountains

Galtee Mountains, a range of Tipperary and Limerick, attaining 3008 feet in Galteemore.


Galveston, a seaport of Texas, on Galveston Island, at the opening of Galveston Bay into the Gulf of Mexico, 214 miles ESE. of Austin by rail. The island is a low strip of land, 30 miles long by 3 broad; the bay extends northward from the city to the mouth of the Trinity River, a distance of 35 miles, and has a breadth of from 12 to 18 miles. The city contains a Catholic cathedral, the Catholic University of St Mary, and the Texas Medical College; and it has foundries, mills, and machine-shops. Since the hurricane and flood of 1900, its harbour is protected by a sea-wall and other works. The foreign trade (21,000,000 in 1901) is mainly the export of cotton and cottonseed oil. Pop. (1850) 4177 ; (1900) 37,790.