Gambler Islands

Gambler Islands, or Mangareva, a Polynesian group of six larger and several smaller islands, under a French protectorate, in 23° 8' S. lat. and 134° 55' W. long. Area, 15 sq. m.; pop. 445.


Gamrun. See Gombroon.


Gand. See Ghent.


Gandak, a river of India, rises in the Nepal Himalayas, and flows SE. between the Northwest Provinces and Bengal, to the Ganges at Patna.


Gandamak, an Afghan village, between Kabul and Peshawar, where in 1842 the last remnant of the British force from Kabul was massacred. Here a treaty was signed with Yakub Khan in 1879.


Gandersheim (Gan'ders-him), a town of 2507 inhabitants in Brunswick, 30 miles N. of Gottin-gen by rail. Its famous abbey (852) gave the title of abbess to the daughters of German princes, and until 1803 was itself a principality.


Gandia, a town of Spain, near the mouth of the Alcov, and 47 miles SSE. of Valencia by rail. Pop. 10,000.


Gando, a Fulah state of the western Soudan, lying west of Sokoto, and on both sides of the Niger north of Borgu; most of it is now, since 1900, within (British) Northern Nigeria, while the western part is in the French Sahara. - Gando, 50 miles SW. of the town of Sokoto, is the capital; the trading town on the Niger is Egga (q.v.).


Gandolfo. See Castel Gandolfo.


Gangi, a town of Sicily, 18 miles SSE. of Cefalu. Pop. 11,935.


Gan-hwuy, or An-hui, an eastern inland province of China, crossed by the Yang-tsze-Kiang.


Ganjam, a town of Madras presidency, at the mouth of the Rishikuliya, 18 miles NE. of Ber-hampur. Pop. 5037.


Gannat, a town in the French dep. of Allier, 245 miles SSE. of Paris by rail. Pop. 5187.

Gantang Pass

Gantang Pass, 18,295 feet high, leads eastward from the Bashahr hill state, across the Himalayas into Chinese territory.


Gantur. See Guntur.


Gap (anc. Vapincum), the capital of the French dep. Hautes Alpes, on the Luye, 2424 feet above sea-level, 47 miles SE. of Grenoble. It has a cathedral (rebuilt since 1866). Pop. 8898.


Garabit, a point on the railway from Mar-vejols (Lozere) to Neussargues, 10 miles S. of St Flour, in the French dep. of Cantal, where the line crosses a gorge through which the waters of the Truyere run, 401 feet below the rails. The Eiffel viaduct here is 1852 1/2 feet long, and crosses the river by an arch, with a span of 541 1/3 feet.


Garamantes. See Fezzan.


Garaye, La, a ruined chateau in Brittany, 2 miles from Dinan. Its last owners, Claude Tous-saint and his countess, in the first half of the 18th century converted it into a hospital, which forms the theme of the Hon. Mrs Norton's poem, The Lady of La Garaye' (1862).


Gard, a French dep. on the Mediterranean, and bounded E. by the Rhone, with an area of 2245 sq. m., one-third arable. It is divided into the ar-rondissements of Alais, Nimes (the capital), Uzes, and Vigan. Pop. (1861) 422,107 ; (1901) 418,470.