Garda, Lago di (Roman Lacus Benacus), a beautiful, clear lake, the largest of Italy, lies between Lombardy and Venetia, its northern end extending into the Austrian Tyrol. Situated 226 feet above sea-level, it has an area of 115 sq. m., a greatest length of 35 miles, a breadth of 2 to 11 miles, and a maximum depth of 967 feet; the surface is studded with many islands. It is drained by the Mincio, a tributary of the Po. The mild climate and the beauty of the vicinity have caused its shores to be lined with villas.


Gardaia, or Ghardai'a, a town in the Algerian Sahara, stands on a conical hill, in an oasis-valley full of date-palms, 82 miles WNW. of Wargla. In 1882 a garrisoned fort was established here by the French. Pop. 38,782.


Gardelegen, an old town of Prussian Saxony, on the Milde, 28 miles (53 by rail) NNW. of Magdeburg. Pop. 7358.

Garden City

Garden City, in Long Island, now part of Queens borough, New York, was laid out as a town of model villas by the New York millionaire, A. T. Stewart (1803-76). - Garden City is the name given to a model city planned on an estate acquired at Letchworth, near Hitchin in Herts, the amenities of country life being specially secured.


Gardenstown, a Banffshire fishing-village, 8 miles ENE. of Banff. It was founded in 1720 by A. Garden, Esq., of Troup. Pop. (1861) 507; (1891)1109.


Gardiner, a port of Maine, on the Kennebec River, 56 miles NNE. of Portland. Pop. 5491.


Gardner, a town of Massachusetts, 70 miles WNW. of Boston by rail, with manufactures of wooden wares. Pop. 10,820.


Gareloch. See Dumbartonshire.


Garelochhead, a Dumbartonshire village at the head of the Gareloch, 7 1/2 miles NNW. of Helensburgh by rail. Pop. 577.


Gargano (anc. Garganus), a mountainous peninsula, the 'spur' of Italy, in the province of Foggia, jutting out 30 miles into the Adriatic, and attaining 5110 feet in Monte Calvo.


Garhmukhtesar, a town in the North-west Provinces, on the Ganges, 26 miles SE. of Meerut, with four shrines of Ganga, and a fair, which attracts 200,000 pilgrims. Pop. 6305.


Garhwal, a native state in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, on the borders of Tibet; area, 4164 sq. m.; pop. 270,000. Also an adjoining British district in the United Provinces; area, 5629 sq. m. ; pop. 450,000.


Gariep. See Orange River.


Garigliano (anc. Liris; Liri still in its upper course), a river of Italy, rises in the Abruzzi, and flows 90 miles S. to the Gulf of Gaeta. It is navigable below Pontecorvo. On its banks in 1503 the Spaniards defeated the French.


Garioch, a district of mid-Aberdeenshire.

Garleton Hills

Garleton Hills, a range (590 feet), 1 1/2 mile N. of Haddington, crowned with a column to the Earl of Hopetoun, the Peninsular hero. Ruined Garleton or Garmylton Castle, at its N. base, was perhaps Sir David Lyndsay's birthplace.