Garliestown, a Wigtownshire seaport, 9 1/4 miles by rail SSE. of Wigtown. It was founded about 1760 by Lord Gar lies (the seventh Earl of Galloway). Pop. 532.


Garmouth, an Elginshire seaport, 5 miles N. by W. of Fochabers. Charles II. landed here in 1650. Pop. 535.


Garmylton. See Garleton.


Garnkirk, a Lanarkshire village, with fireclay-works, 4 miles WNW. of Coatbridge. Pop. 871.


Garnock, an Ayrshire stream flowing 21 miles southward to the Firth of Clyde at Irvine.


Garnqueen, a Lanarkshire village, 2 1/2 miles N. by W. of Coatbridge. Pop. 1660.

Garo Hills

Garo Hills, a mountainous district forming the SW. corner of Assam, with an area of 3270 sq. m., and a pop. of 138,300.


Garry. See Glengarry.


Garscadden, a Dumbartonshire village, 3 miles WNW. of Maryhill. Pop. 524.


Garstang, a Lancashire market-town, on the Wyre, 10 1/2 miles S. of Lancaster. Pop. 800.


Garston, a Lancashire town, on the Mersey, 4 miles SE. of Liverpool, to which it was added in 1902 (pop. in 1901, 17,289).


Gartsherrie. See Coatbridge.


Gasconade, a river of Missouri, winding 200 miles north-eastward to the Missouri River, 35 miles below Jefferson City.


Gascony, an ancient district of SW. France, now included in the deps. of Landes, Gers, Hautes-Pyrenees, and the south portions of Haute-Garonne, Tarn-et-Garonne, and Lot-et-Garonne.


Gask, a Perthshire parish, 8 miles WSW. of Perth. Its lairds were the Jacobite Oliphants, to whom belonged Lady Nairne, the song-writer.


Gaspe, a peninsula of Quebec province, projecting into the Gulf of St Lawrence, between the river St Lawrence on the N. and the Bay of Chaleurs on the S. - Gaspe Basin, where Cartier landed in 1584, is a port in Gaspe Bay, now the seat of fisheries. Pop. 426.


Gastein, a romantic valley (pop. 4000) in the south of the Austrian duchy of Salzburg, 28 miles long, with many small villages. The chief, Wildbad-Gastein, is visited every summer by some 5000 guests to drink of its seven warm springs. Here, on 14th August 1865, a convention was signed between Austria and Prussia for the partition of Sleswick-Holstein.


Gatchina, a town of Russia, 30 miles by rail SSW. of St Petersburg. It has porcelain manufactures, barracks, and a palace long the favourite residence of Alexander III., and guarded with extraordinary care. Pop. 15,063.


Gatehouse-of-Fleet, a pretty Kirkcudbrightshire river-port, on the Fleet, 9 miles WNW. of Kirkcudbright. Pop. 1026.


Gath, one of the five chief cities of the Philistines, was situated on the frontiers of Judah. Its site is probably the Blanche Garde of the Crusaders, who built a castle here.


Gatineau, a river of Quebec, Canada, issuing from a chain of lakes just N. of 48° N. lat., flows 400 miles SSW. to the Ottawa River, a mile below Ottawa City.