Genesee, a river rising in Pennsylvania, and flowing nearly 200 miles north through western New York into Lake Ontario, 7 miles N. of Rochester. Three of its extraordinary falls occur within 1 1/2 mile; two being 68 and 90 feet high, and the Portage Falls 110 feet. The river has also a sheer fall of 95 feet at Rochester, utilised for water-power; and another cascade, a few miles below, is almost as high.


Gennesaret, Sea of. See Galilee.


Gensan, or Wonsan, a town and port of Corea, at the head of an arm of Broughton Bay, near the middle of the east coast of the peninsula. Pop. 20,000, including 3000 Japanese.


Gentilly (Zhang-te-ye), a southern suburb of Paris, at the foot of Bicetre hill. Pop. 7450.


Genza'no, a town of Italy, on the Via Appia, 1G miles SE. of Rome. Pop. 5800.


George, a division of the western province of Cape Colony, on the south coast, east of Capetown. Area, 2600 sq. m.; pop. 11,000. The town of George stands 6 miles N. of the coast, and has a pop. of over 2000. On the coast is the port of Mossel Bay.


George, Lake, or Horicon, a beautiful lake, 32 miles long, near the eastern border of New York state. It discharges to Lake Champlain, is studded with hundreds of islands, and on its shores has several favourite summer-resorts, especially the village of Caldwell or Lake George. In the battle of Lake George the French and Algonquins were utterly defeated by the English and Iroquois, 8th September 1755.

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay. See Huron (Lake).


Georgswalde, a town of Bohemia, 112 miles N. of Prague, with a mineral spring. Pop. 9604.


Gera (Ga-ra), the capital of the small German principality of Reuss-Schleiz, on the White Bister, 42 miles E. by S. of Weimar by rail. Nearly destroyed by lire in 1780, it has broad and regular streets; its older buildings include a castle and a fine town-hall. There are woollen factories, cotton-works, dyeing and printing works, manufactures of machinery, leather, tobacco, beer, etc. Pop. (1843) 11,300; (1880) 27,118; (1900) 45,650, nearly all Protestants.


Gerace (Ja-ra-cha), a town of southern Italy, 4 miles from the sea, and 37 (58 by rail) NE. of Reggio. It has a cathedral, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1783, and a trade in wine. Pop. 5265.


Gerardmer (' Queen of the Vosges '), a holiday resort much frequented by Parisians, and famous for its cheeses, in the French dep. of Vosges, 32 miles SE. of Epinal by rail. Pop. 9197.


Ger'asa, a ruined city of Palestine, among the mountains of Gilead, 20 miles E. of the Jordan.

Gerizim and Ebal

Gerizim and Ebal, the two highest mountains in the central Palestine chain, are separated from each other by a deep narrow valley, in which stands the town of Nabulus, the ancient Shechem, the metropolis of the Samaritan sect. The tops are about 3000 feet above sea-level, with a fertile valley between 1500 feet deep.