Gijon, a seaport of Spain, on a peninsula and bay of the Atlantic, 20 miles by rail NE. of Oviedo. It manufactures tobacco, glass, and earthenware. Pop. 47,144.


Gila (He'la), a river rising in the state of New Mexico, and flowing nearly 650 miles westward, across Arizona, to the Colorado, 75 miles above its mouth in the Gulf of California.

Gilbert Islands

Gilbert Islands, a British archipelago in the Pacific, lying on the equator between 172° and 177° E. long. Area, 166 sq. m.; pop. 36,800. The group consists of sixteen atolls, several of them triangular in shape, with two outlying hilly islands. Cocoa-nuts and copra are the chief products. Marshall and Gilbert discovered it in 1788.


Gilboa, a bare chain of hills between 500 and 600 feet high, overhanging the site of the ancient city of Jezreel, between the Jordan and the plain of Esdraelon. Here King Saul met his doom.


Gilead, a mountainous district on the east side of the Jordan, described by Laurence Oliphant as a country of wine and oil, with rich alluvial deposits. See his Land of Gilead (1SS0).


Gilford, a town of County Down, on the Bann, 4 miles NW. of Banbridge. Pop. 1276.


Gilghit. See Cashmere, Dardistan.


Gillingham (g hard), a Dorset market-town, on the Stour, 22 miles by rail W. of Salisbury. Near it are the 'Pen Pits,' thought to be either quarry-holes or prehistoric dwellings. Pop. of parish, 3303.

Gillis Land

Gillis Land, a Polar land NE. of Spitzbergen, first sighted in 1707 by Gillis, a Dutchman, in 81° 30' N. lat. and 36° E. long.


Gilmerton, a Midlothian village, 4 miles SSE. of Edinburgh. Pop. 1300.


Gilnockie (g hard), Dumfriesshire, on the Esk, 4 1/4 miles SSE. of Langholm, was the site of the peel-tower of Johnny Armstrong, hanged by James V. at Caerlanrig in 1529.


Gilolo, one of the Moluccas (q.v.) or Spice Islands.


Gilp, Loch, an arm of Loch Fyne, 3 miles long.


Gilsland (g hard), a Cumberland village, with a sulphur-spring, 8 miles NE. of Brampton. Here Scott met his future wife. Pop. 365.

Gioja del Colle

Gioja del Colle, a town of Italy, 33 miles by rail S. of Bari. Pop. 16,573.


Giovinazzo, an Italian cathedral town on the Adriatic, 14 miles WNW. of Bari. Pop. 11,250.


Gipping (g hard), a Suffolk river, flowing 15 miles south-south-eastward from Stowmarket to Ipswich (q.v.), where it becomes tidal, and takes the name Orwell.


Gippsland, the southern one of the four important districts of Victoria, Australia. It was originally called Caledonia Australis by Mac-millan, its first explorer (1839), and then Gippsland after the governor, Sir George Gipps.


Girgeh, a town of Egypt, on the Nile's left bank, in 26° 20' N. lat. and 31° 58' E. long., 10 1/2 miles N. of the ancient Abydos. Outside it is a Roman Catholic monastery, said to be the oldest in Egypt. Pop. 17,819.