Glukhov. See Gluchov.


Gmund, a town of Wurtemberg, in the fertile valley of the Rems, 30 miles E. of Stuttgart by rail. It manufactures jewels and hardware. Pop. about 20,000.


Gmunden (Ge-moon'den, g being hard), a town of Upper Austria, 159 miles W. of Vienna by rail. It lies 1439 feet above sea-level, amid the grandest scenery of the Salzkammergut, at the lower end of the Traunsee or Lake Gmunden (8 by 2 miles), above which towers the Traunstein (5536 feet). It is a favourite summer bathing-place. Near it are salt-mines. Pop. 7150.


Gnesen (Polish Gniezno), a Prussian town, situated in a region of hills and lakes, 31 miles ENE. of Posen by rail. It has a Catholic cathedral (965), till 1320 the coronation-place of the Polish kings. Pop. 21,700.


Goalanda, a town of Bengal, on a tongue of land at the confluence of the Ganges and Brahmaputra, is an important river-trade entrepot, the Bengal Railway terminus, and the starting-point of the Assam steamers. Pop. 8652.


Goalpara, a town of Assam, on the Brahmaputra. Pop. 6700.


Goatfell, the highest point (2866 feet) of Arran, 3 1/4 miles NNW. of Brodick.


Gobi, Desert of. See Asia.


God'alming, a borough of Surrey, 34 miles SW. of London. Hither in 1872 was removed from London the Charterhouse public school, founded in 1611 by Thomas Sutton on the site of a Chartreuse or Carthusian monastery. Among its scholars have been Addison, Steele, Wesley, Thackeray, Leech, Thirlwall, Eastlake, and Helps. The new school forms a quadrangle, with a gatehouse tower 130 feet high, and a chapel rich in stained glass. Pop. 8797. See works by Dr Haig Brown (1879) and Eardley-Wilmot (1894).


Goda'vari, the largest river of the Deccan, rises within 50 miles of the Indian Ocean, and flows 898 miles south-east across the peninsula to the Bay of Bengal, entering it by seven mouths. Where by a rocky gorge the river bursts through the barrier of the Eastern Ghats, its picturesque scenery has earned for it the name of the Indian Rhine. The magnificent anicut or dam at the head of the delta throws off three main irrigating canals which turn the entire delta into a great garden. The upper navigation is impeded by three impassable rocky barriers or rapids within a space of 150 miles ; the works undertaken in 1861 to get rid of them were abandoned ten years later. The Godavari is one of the twelve sacred rivers of India, and the great bathing festival, called Pushkaram, is held on its banks once in twelve years.


Goderich (God'er-itch), a port of entry of Ontario, on Lake Huron, 160 miles WNW. of Buffalo by rail, with a good harbour, factories and mills, and eight salt-wells. Pop. 4164.

Goderich Castle

Goderich Castle. See Goodrich.


Godesberg, a village of Rhenish Prussia, on the Rhine, 4 miles 8. of Bonn. It has a mineral spring, and a ruined castle (1213). Pop. 8901.