Godmanchester (Gum'sester). See Huntingdon.


Godollo, a town of Hungary, 15 miles NE. of Pesth, with a castle and park presented by the Hungarians in 1867 to their king, the emperor of Austria-Hungary. Pop. 3940.


GodolpMn, a Cornish manor, 5 1/2 miles NW. of Helston. It was the seat of the Godolphins from the Conquest until 1785.


Godthaab. See Greenland.


Godwin-Austen, the second highest peak in the world, is situated in the Himalayan system, in the western range that is crossed in the east by the Karakorum Pass. Its height is 2S,250 feet. Formerly known only by the sign K2, it was named in 1888 after Lieut.-colonel Godwin-Austen of the Trigonometrical Survey of India.


Goes (Hoos), or Ter Goes, a Dutch town in South Beveland, 16 miles NE. of Flushing. Pop. 7000.

Gogmagog Hills

Gogmagog Hills, a range of hillocks, 4 miles SE. of Cambridge.


Gogo, a decayed seaport of India, in the peninsula of Kathiawar, and on the Gulf of Cambay, 193 miles NW. of Bombay. Pop. 7063.


Gogra, or Ghagra, a river flowing 600 miles SE. to the Ganges at Chapra.


Godstow, a ruined nunnery (1138) with Fair Rosamond's grave, on the Isis, 3 1/2 miles NNW. of Oxford.


Gohelwar', or Gohelwad, a tract of country in Bombay presidency, comprising several tributary states, and lying along the Gulf of Cambay, on the eastern coast of the peninsula of Kathiawar.


Goil, Loch, a picturesque loch in Argyllshire, a branch of Loch Long, is 6 miles long and less than 1 mile broad. The mountains in the neighbourhood rise to the height of more than 2000 feet. - Lochgoilhead, 20 miles NNW. of Greenock, is a favourite summer watering-place.


Gol'chika, a small port at the mouth of the Yenisei (q.v.).


Golconda, an extensive fortress of the Nizam, situated on a granite ridge, 7 miles W. of Hyderabad. In its neighbourhood are the ruins of an ancient city, till 1687 the metropolis of a powerful kingdom. Golconda is proverbially famous for its diamonds ; but, in truth, they were merely cut and polished here.


Goldau, formerly a small town of the Swiss canton of Schwyz, is memorable for its destruction by a stupendous landslip, 2d September 1806.


Goldberg, a town of Prussian Silesia, on the Katzbach, 13 miles by rail WSW. of Liegnitz. It owes both origin and name to its former rich gold-mines. Pop. 6736.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate, a channel 2 miles wide, the entrance to the magnificent Bay of San Francisco.

Golden Horn

Golden Horn. See Constantinople.

Gold Hill

Gold Hill, a town of Nevada, 7000 feet above the sea, and 1 mile S. of Virginia City, with rich silver-mines, and quartz-mills. Here, on Mount Davidson, is the famous Comstock Lode.


Goletta (Fr. La Goulette), the former port of Tunis, from which it is 11 miles N. by rail. It has lost much of its importance since the opening in 1893 of the ship-channel from it across the lagoon to the capital. Pop. 3000.