Goppingen, a town of Wurtemberg, 26 miles by rail ESE. of Stuttgart, has a 16th-century castle, a mineral spring, and manufactures of woollens, paper, toys, etc. Pop. 19,352.


Gorakhpur, a town in the North-west Provinces of India, on the Rapti, 430 miles NW. of Calcutta. Pop. 65,000.

Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett, Mount, an African mountain seen by Stanley in 1875. It lies S. of Albert Nyanza, a little N. of the equator and E. of 30° E. long. Sometimes snow-covered, it is a truncated cone, probably an extinct crater, and rises 14,000 or 15,000 feet. See Ruwenzori.

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle. See Fochabers.


Goree, a small island of French Senegal, S. of Cape Verd, is almost entirely covered by the town of Goree (pop. 2200), whose commerce has been transferred to Dakar the mainland.


Gorey, a municipal borough of County Wexford, 59 miles S. of Dublin by rail, and 3 from St George's Channel. Pop. 2000.


Gorgonzola, a village of Italy, 12 miles NE. of Milan, with a fine church and trade in a special kind of cheese. Pop. 4300.


Gorkum (Dutch Gorinchem), a fortified town of South Holland, on the Merwede, 22 miles ESE. of Rotterdam, possesses an arsenal. Pop. 11,519.


Gorleston, a Suffolk suburb of Yarmouth.


Gorlitz, a town of Prussian Silesia, on the left bank of the Neisse, 49 miles W. of Liegnitz. One of its old mural towers, the Kaisertrutz, is now the guard-house and armoury. Among the beautiful Gothic churches is that of SS. Peter and Paul (1423-97), with five naves. There are monuments of Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia(1891) and the Emperor William (1893); and outside the town is the Kreuzkapelle (1489), an imitation of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem. A railway viaduct, 2720 feet long and 118 high, here crosses the Neisse's valley. Gorlitz has manufactures of cloth, which is its staple, cotton, linen, and fictile wares, with iron-foundries and machine-shops. Here Jacob Boehme lived and died. Pop. (1843) 15,200; (1890)62,135 ; (1900) SO,931.


Gorton, a south-eastern suburb of Manchester.


Gorz (Girts), capital of the Austrian province of Gorz-Gradisca, in the Kustenland, in a fruitful plain, 35 miles NNW. of Trieste by rail. Shut in by mountains on all sides except the south, it enjoys an almost Italian climate, and has some fame as a health-resort. Among its principal buildings are the old castle and the former Jesuit college, both now used as barracks; the cathedral; and the prince-bishop's palace. Goz's specialty has long been the printing of Hebrew books for the East. There are dyeworks, and important manufactures of flour, sugar, cotton, silks, roso-glio, paper, leather, soap, and matches. In a Franciscan cloister close by are the graves of Charles X. of France, the Ducd'Angouleme and his wife, and the Comte de Chambord. Pop. 26,750.


Gosford, the seat of the Earl of Wemyss, 6 miles NW. of Haddington.