Gouda (Dutch pron. Hou'da), or Ter Gouwe, a town of South Holland, on the right bank of the Hollaendsche Yssel, 13 miles by rail NE. of Rotterdam. The church of St John has seventy-five magnificent stained-glass windows, which were executed between 1560 and 1603 by the brothers Crabeth. The organ, too, has a fine vox humana stop. Gouda, which has memories of Erasmus, was formerly famous for its clay-pipes, and is now notable on account of its brickworks and stearine candle factory. It has a large trade in butter and Gouda cheese. Pop. 22,535.


Goulburn, a town of New South Wales, 134 miles SW. of Sydney by rail, with tanneries, boot and shoe factories, flour-mills, and breweries, and a busy trade in agricultural produce. It is a substantially built town, with gas (1879), a good water-supply, a Gothic Anglican cathedral (1884), and a Roman Catholic cathedral, college, and convent. Pop. 10,700.


Gourock (Goor'ok), a watering-place of Renfrewshire, on the Firth of Clyde, 3 miles WNW. of Greenock by a railway opened in 1889. At Kemp-och Point here, behind which rises Barrhill (478 feet), stands 'Granny Kempoch,' a prehistoric monolith associated with the witches of Renfrewshire (1662). In 1688 the first red herring ever cured in Great Britain was cured at Gourock. Pop.(1841) 2169 ; (1901) 5261.


Govan (Gut/van), a police-burgh (since 1864) of Lanarkshire, on the south bank of the Clyde, outside the municipal boundaries of Glasgow, but connected with the city by continuous rows of buildings. Its leading industry is shipbuilding and engineering. Govan Park, 40 acres In extent, was gifted in 1885 by Mrs Elder, at a cost of 50,000. Pop. (1836) 2122 ; (1871) 19,200 ; (1891) 63,625 ; (1901) 82,174.


Gower, a peninsula forming the west part of Glamorganshire (q.v.).


Gowhatty. See Assam.


Gowran, a village in the county, and 8 miles E. of the town, of Kilkenny. Pop. 416.


Gowrie, Carse of. See Perthshire.


Goyana, a town of Brazil, 40 miles N. by W. of Pernambuco. Pop. 15,000.


Goyaz, the central province of Brazil, falls within the dry plateau region, rising in the south to an important range of mountains. Area, 287,430 sq. m.; pop. (1888) 211,721, mostly half-castes. - The capital, Goyaz, on the Vermelho, a tributary of the Araguay, preserves, in its cathedral and large government buildings, traces of better days. Pop. 8000.


Gozo (Roman Gaulus), a British Mediterranean island, 4 miles NW. of Malta, has, with the adjacent smaller island of Comino, an area of 20 sq. m. and a pop. of 19,620. The chief town is Babato, near the centre.


Graaf-Reinet, a town of Cape Colony, nearly girdled by the Sunday River, 185 miles N. of Port Elizabeth by rail. Founded in 1784, it still preserves the quaint characteristics of the old Dutch town. Behind it the Sneeuwberg Mountains rise to a height of 1000 to 1500 feet. Pop. 10,100.