Grampound, a decayed Cornish market-town, 7 miles SW. of St Austell. Pop. 495.


Gran, a royal free-town of Hungary, on the right bank of the Danube, here crossed by a bridge of boats, 25 miles NW. of Pesth, and opposite the mouth of the river Gran (length, 150 miles). Its great domed cathedral (1821-56), on the castle hill, rivals in its magnificent proportions St Peter's at Rome. Near is the palace of the prince-archbishop, who is primate of Hungary. The warm mineral springs of Gran have also some fame. Pop. 16,950. Here St Stephen, the first king, was born in 979, and baptised and crowned in 1000; soon it became the greatest commercial town in the kingdom, but never recovered from the storming by the Tartars in 1241. The old name, Istrogranum (' Danube grain-town ), appears now in the Magyar Esztergom.


Granard, a town of County Longford, 3 miles W. of Bally willan station. Pop. 1622.

Grail Chaco

Grail Chaco, an extensive central tract of South America, extending from the southern tropic to 29° S. lat., and bounded on the E. by the Paraguay and Parana, and on the W. by the Argentine provinces of Santiago del Estero and Salta. Its area, about 180,000 sq. m., exceeds that of Great Britain and Ireland by one-half. The portion south of the Pilcomayo belongs to Argentina, and the remaining third to Paraguay. Since 1885 many agricultural settlements have been made.

Grand Bassam

Grand Bassam, See Gold Coast.

Grand Canon

Grand Canon. See Colorado.


Grand-combe, La, a coal-mining town in the French dep. of Gard, 41 miles NNW. of Nimes. Pop. 11,500.

Grand Forks

Grand Forks, capital of Grand Forks county, North Dakota, on the Red River of the North, opposite the mouth of Red Lake River, is 55 miles N. of Fargo. It has flour and saw mills and ironworks. Pop. 8000.

Grand Haven

Grand Haven, capital of Ottawa county, Michigan, on Lake Michigan, and on the south bank of Grand River, 31 miles W. by N. of Grand Rapids by rail. It has a medicinal spring and a harbour, shipping lumber and grain. Pop. 5023.

Grand Lahou

Grand Lahou. See Gold Coast. Grand Popo, a French settlement in Guinea, on the Slave Coast, 25 miles W. of Whydah.


Grandpre, a village in the French dep. of Ardennes, on the Aire, 40 miles NNE. of Chalons. Here, in 1792, Dumouriez was defeated by the Allies.

Grand Sapids

Grand Sapids, capital of Kent county, Michigan, stands at the head of steamboat navigation on Grand River, here crossed by six bridges, 60 miles WNW. of Lansing. The river, which enters Lake Michigan 40 miles below, here falls 18 feet in a mile, and across it extend the rapids which give name to the town. Conducted by canals, it supplies motive-power to numerous sawmills and manufactories of furniture and wooden ware, farming implements, flour, machinery, etc, though steam is now in use in most of the factories. Stucco-plaster and white bricks are largely made here. The city is the seat of an Episcopal bishop. Pop. (1870) 16,507; (1880) 32,016 ; (1890) 60,278; (1900) 87,565.