Guipuzco'a, the smallest but the most densely peopled of the Spanish Basque provinces on the Bay of Biscay. The capital is San Sebastian. Area, 728 sq. m.; pop. near 200,000.


Guisborough, a market-town in the North Riding of Yorkshire, 9 miles ESE. of Middles-borough, lies at the foot of the Cleveland Hills, in the midst of the iron-mining district. The earliest alum-works in England were established here about 1600. Here too is a ruined priory built in 1119 by Robert de Brus, and at the Reformation one of the wealthiest in the kingdom. Pop. (1851) 2062 ; (1881) 6616 ; (1901) 5645.


Guise, a town in the French dep. of Aisne, on the Oise, 25 miles by rail ENE. of St Quentin. From its ruined castle the famous Dukes of Guise derived their title. The ironworks here are conducted on a profit-sharing scheme. Population, under 10,000.


Gujarat, or Guzerat, the northern maritime province of Bombay, with an area of 10,296 sq. in., and a pop. just over 4,000,000. Within its limits lie the British districts of Surat, Broach, Kaira, Panch Mahals, and Ahmedabad.


Gujranwala, a town of the Punjab, 40 miles N. of Lahore by rail. Pop. 29,785.


Gujrat, or Guzerat, a town of the Punjab, left (by a change in the river's course) a few miles north of the Chenab's present bed, but a place of some military and political importance. Here in 1849 a decisive battle finally broke the Sikh power, and brought the whole Punjab under British rule. Pop. 18,743.

Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream, the best known, the best defined, and the most remarkable of all the ocean currents. It derives its name from the Gulf of Mexico, out of which, as a great current of warm water, it flows through the Strait of Florida, along the eastern coast of the United States of America, and is then deflected near the banks of Newfoundland diagonally across the Atlantic. This great body of warm water indirectly modifies the climate of western Europe, and it is possible to trace its effects as far as the coasts of Spitz-bergen and Nova Zembla.


Gullane, a Haddingtonshire coast-village, with golf-links, 4 miles NW. of Drem Junction.


Gumbinnen, a town of East Prussia, 72 miles E. of Konigsberg. Dating from 1724, it owes its prosperity to the settlement here in 1732 of many Protestant Salzburgers. Pop. 14,206.


Gumri. See Alexandropol.


Gumti, a navigable river of India, rises in the North-western Provinces, and winds nearly 500 miles south-eastward to the Ganges, 56 miles below Jaunpur.


Gundamuk. See Gandamak.


Gunfleet, an Essex sandbank, with a lighthouse, 12 miles S. of Harwich.


Guns (Magyar Koszeg), a free town of Hungary, 57 miles SSE. of Vienna. Pop. 7905.


Guntur', a town of Madras, 46 miles WNW. of Masulipatam. Pop. 30,359.


Gurgaon, a district of the Punjab, in the division of Delhi, with an area of 1984 sq. in. Pop. 768,929. The commercial centre is Rewari; the civil headquarters is Gurgaon (pop. 5000), •21 miles SW. of Delhi by rail.