Gurhwal. See Garhwal.


Gustrow, a town of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 70 miles E. by S. of Lubeck, with castle (1565), old church, breweries, iron-foundries, a sugar-factory, etc. Pop. 17,000.


Guthrie, capital of Oklahoma, U.S., 32 miles N. of Oklahoma City. Pop. (1890)5333 ; (1900) 10,006.


Guzerat. See Gujarat.


Gweedore, a Donegal hamlet, 3 miles from the west coast.


Gwelo, a township of Southern Rhodesia, on the railway from Bulawayo to Salisbury, 110 miles NE. of the former. It is the centre of a gold. mining district, with a fully equipped hospital, etc. Pop. 1500.


Gyantse, a fortified town of Tibet, 110 miles SW. of Lhasa, with a sacred monastery. The British expedition under Macdonald In 1904 entered it.


Gyarmat-Balassa, a town of Hungary, 40 miles N. by E. of Pesth. Pop. 6788.


Gympie, a town of Queensland, 61 miles S. of Maryborough, with gold-reefs. Pop. 12,000. - Gyoma, a town of Hungary, on the Koros, 89 miles SE. of Pesth by rail. Pop. 10,160.


Gyongyds, a town of Hungary, with mineral baths, 59 miles by rail NE. of Pesth. Pop. 15,896.


Gyula, a town of Hungary, 35 miles N. of Arad. It has a monument to the composer Erkel. Pop. 22,100.

Haarlem Lake

Haarlem Lake, now drained, lay between Haarlem, Leyden, and Amsterdam, and communicated with the Zuider Zee by the Y. Originally it embraced four small lakes, which, in consequence of several irruptions of the sea, eventually merged into one sheet of water, covering an area of about 70 sq. m., and not above 15 feet deep. The lake, however, frequently rose during storms to an alarming height, necessitating a large annual outlay in keeping the dams and sluices in repair. In consequence of the damage done to Amsterdam and Leyden by two overflows of the lake in 1836, the government set about draining it (1839-52). The enterprise cost 1,080,000, but the sale of the lands reduced this by 780,000.

Habbies Howe

Habbie's Howe, the scene of Allan Ramsay's Gentle Shepherd, 4 1/2 miles WSW. of Penicuik.


Hackensack, the capital of Bergen county, New Jersey, on the Hackensack River, 12 miles by rail N. of Jersey City. Pop. 9500.


Hacketstown, a village of Carlow, 7 miles NW. of Tinahely station. Pop. 508.


Hackney, a parish of Middlesex, now forming one of the metropolitan boroughs of London.

In its earlier and fashionable days it is said to have given its name to hackney-coaches. Pop. of borough (1901) 219,272; of parliamentary borough, which returns three members, 253,291. Hadden Rig, a Roxburghshire ridge (541 feet), 5 miles ENE. of Kelso. It was the scene in 1540 of an English defeat.

Haddo House

Haddo House, the seat of the Earl of Aberdeen, in Aberdeenshire, 6 1/2 miles WNW. of Ellon.

Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall, a splendid old baronial mansion, in Derbyshire, on the Wye, 2 miles SE. of Bake-well, and 23 NNW. of Derby. It was the seat successively of Avenells, Vernons, and the Rutland family. See works by Cattermole (1846-67), S. 0. Hall (1871), and W. E. Cooke (1892).