Han-hai, a dried-up sea in central Asia, now represented only by Lake Lob-nor (q.v.).


Hankow, a river-port of China, at the junction of the Han River with the Yang-tsze, 600 miles W. of Shanghai. Strictly speaking, Hankow is a suburb of the towns of Wu-chang and Han-yang, the three together forming one huge city. Vessels of large size can reach Hankow, the river being navigable to Ichang, 420 miles higher up. Since 1862 Hankow has been open to foreign trade. The principal article of export is tea, others being silk, oil, vegetable tallow, tobacco, hides, nut-galls, coal, musk, and wax. The imports are opium, cotton, piece-goods, woollens, metals, sugar, etc. In 1889 a decree of the emperor authorised the construction of a railway from Hankow to Peking, 700 miles in length. Before the Taiping rebellion the three cities had a pop. of over 5,000,000 ; it is now about 1,700,000, Hankow having 750,000 of these.


Hanley, a Staffordshire town, in the Potteries, 18 miles N. of Stafford. It manufactures china, earthenware, and encaustic tiles ; and near it are coal and iron mines. It was constituted a municipal borough in 1857; a parliamentary borough, returning one member, in 1885; and a county borough in 1888. Pop. of municipal borough (1851)25,369; (1871)39,976; (1901)61,600; of parl, borough (including Burslem, q.v.), 100,365.


Hannibal, a city of Missouri, on the Mississippi, here crossed by an iron railroad bridge, 111 miles by rail NNW. of St Louis. An important railway centre, it has a Methodist college, an extensive trade in lumber, flour, and cattle, and manufactories of flour, tobacco, lime, and railroad cars. There are coal-mines close by. Pop. 12,757.


Ha-noi, the capital of Tongking, and headquarters of the French administration, on the left bank of the Song-coi or Red River, 80 miles in a direct line from the sea. Pop. 120,000.

Hanse Towns

Hanse Towns. See Hamburg, Bremen, Lu-beck.


Hansi, a town of the Punjab, 80 miles NW. of Delhi, was a British cantonment from 1802 down to the Mutiny (1857). Pop. 15,656.


Hanwell, the Middlesex lunatic asylum (1831), 7 1/2 miles W. of Paddington station, London.


Hanyang. See Hankow.


Haparanda, a town in the Swedish province of Norrbotten, near the Tornea's mouth, and opposite the Russian town of Tornea. Pop. 1250.


Harar, or Harrar, a town in the Galla country now belonging to Abyssinia, connected by rail with the port of Jibutil in French Somaliland (186 miles NNE.). Pop. 40,000.


Harbin, or Kharbin, a town of Manchuria, on the Sungari, a tributary of the Amur (which divides Manchuria into northern and southern sections), where the Siberian railway sends off the branch to Port Arthur. In 1903 the Russian civil population was about 10,000.


Harborough. See Market-Harborough.

Harbour Grace

Harbour Grace, port of entry and second town of Newfoundland, 84 miles WNW. of St John's. Pop. 5500.