Harburg, a Prussian seaport in Luneburg, 5 miles S. of Hamburg, on the Elbe. Its industries include gutta-percha goods, palm-oil, cotton-seed oil, chemicals, etc. Since the deepening of the Elbe, Harburg's commerce has greatly increased. It is a holiday resort for the Hamburgers. Pop. 51,000.

Hardanger Fjord

Hardanger Fjord, "Norway, a narrow sea-inlet, 20 miles S. of Bergen. It is 930 feet deep, and extends 68 miles north-eastward without reckoning branches, amidst magnificent mountain scenery. The Hardanger Fjeld is a tract of the mountainous backbone of Norway, NE. of the Fjord.


Harden, the seat of Lord Polwarth, in Roxburghshire, 4 miles W. of Hawick. It has belonged to the Scotts since 1501.


Harderwijk, a Dutch fishing-town, on the south-east shore of the Zuider Zee, 31 miles NE. of Utrecht by rail. From 1648 to 1811 it was the seat of a university. Pop. 7339.


Hardwar (Hari-dwara, 'Vishnu's gate'), perhaps the most famous spot on the Ganges, stands where the river emerges from the sub-Himalaya into the plains of Hindustan, 39 miles NE. of Saharunpur, United Provinces. It attracts immense numbers of pilgrims at the end of March and the beginning of April - a great fair at the same time engrafting commerce on religion. In ordinary years the attendance is about 100,000; but every twelfth year (as in 1882, 1894, etc.) peculiarly sacred rites takes place, attended by perhaps 300,000 (formerly 2,000,000). Hardwar is 1024 feet above the sea, and has a pop. of 25,600. Since 1891 elaborate and successful efforts have been made, by means of rigid and scientific sanitation, to prevent the fair from being as heretofore a great means of spreading cholera.

Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall, a Derbyshire seat of the Duke of Devonshire, 6 1/2 miles SE. of Chesterfield. It was built in 1590 by the duke's ancestress, the famous ' Bess of Hardwick.'


Harfleur (mediaeval Hareflot), a town in the French dep. of Seine-Inferieure, on the Seine's estuary, 4 miles E. of Havre. Formerly it was an important seaport and fortress. Pop. 2616.


Haringvliet. See Meuse.


Hari-Rud, or Heri-Rud, a river of Asia, which rises in the Hindu Kush, 150 miles W. of Kabul, and flows 500 miles westward and northward through Afghanistan, and along the boundary between Persia and Turkestan, until it loses itself in several arms in the Tekke Turkoman oasis.


Harlaw', 18 miles NW. of Aberdeen, the scene on 21th July 1411 of the great defeat of the Highlanders led by Donald, Lord of the Isles, by the Lowlanders under the Earl of Mar.


Harlech, an ancient town of Merionethshire, North Wales, stands on the coast, 10 miles N. of Barmouth. On a steep hill overlooking the sea is its massive castle, which held out for the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Roses, and later for Charles I. The ' March of the Men of Harlech' commemorates its capture by the Yorkists in 1468.