Haskeval. See Rum.

Haslar Hospital

Haslar Hospital. See Gosport.


Haslemere, a town of Surrey, 12 1/2 miles SW. of Guildford by rail, manufactures walking-sticks and woodware; till 1832 it was a parliamentary borough. Pop. 2674. Three miles south, and over the Sussex border, is Blackdown Common, on the southern heights of which stands Aid-worth, the home built for himself by Lord Tennyson from his own design, in which he died.


Haslingden, a municipal borough (since 1891) of Lancashire, 19 miles NW. of Manchester. It has cotton, silk, and woollen manufactures, with neighbouring ironworks, coal-mines, and stone and slate quarries. Pop. (1851) 6164; (1901) 18,543.


Hasselt, capital of the Belgian province of Limburg, 18 miles NW. of Maastricht. Pop. 15,194.


Hastinapur, a ruined city of India, on the old bed of the Ganges, 22 miles E. of Meerut.


Hatfield, or Bishops Hatfield, a market-town of Hertfordshire, 18 miles NNW. of London by rail. There exist a few scanty remains of the 12th-century palace of the bishops of Ely, seized, together with the manor, by Henry VIII., and successively the residence of that king, of Edward VI. and Queen Elizabeth before their accession, and of James I. Hatfield House, the Marquis of Salisbury's seat, was built by Sir Robert Cecil in 1611, and is a fine specimen of Jacobean architecture, rich in portraits and historical manuscripts. Pop. of parish, 4630. See Brewer's English Studies (1S81).

Hatfield Chase

Hatfield Chase, a fenny tract of land in the West Riding of Yorkshire, lying between the Trent and Doncaster, some 180,000 acres in extent, which has been drained, and is now cultivated. See a work by John Tomlinson (1882).


Hathras, a town in the United Provinces, 21 miles S. of Aligarh. The commercial centre for the Upper Doab, it exports sugar, grain, cotton, etc, and is famous for its delicate carved work. Pop. 42,580.


Hatteras, Cape, a low point of North Carolina, forming part of a sandbank, in 35° 15' N. lat. and 75° 31' W. long.


Hatzfeld (Hung. Zsombolya), a town of Hungary, 20 miles W. of Temesvar. Pop. 8621.

Haulbowline Island

Haulbowline Island, a fortified islet in Cork Harbour, with a fine harbour and the only dockyard in Ireland.


Haupur, a town of India, in the United Provinces, 18 miles S. of Meerut. Pop. 15,212.


Hauran (anc. Auranitis), a district in Syria, lying E. of the Sea of Galilee.


Haussa, the name of an old empire in the Soudan, comprising what is now Sokoto and Gondo; also the warlike negro race inhabiting that region.

Haute Garonne

Haute Garonne, etc. See Garonne, etc.


Havant, a market-town of Hampshire, 8 miles NE. of Portsmouth. Tanning and matting are the chief industries. Pop. of parish, 3874.


Havel, a river issuing from a small lake in Mecklenburg, flows 220 miles SW. and NW. past Spandau, Potsdam, and Brandenburg, to its junction with the Elbe, opposite Werben. It receives the Spree, on which Berlin stands.