Hawthornden, the romantic home of the poet Drummond, in Midlothian, on the Esk, 1 1/4 mile NE. of Roslin.


Hay, a Brecon market-town, on the Wye, 21 miles W. of Hereford. Pop. 1630.


Haydock, a Lancashire township, 3 1/2 miles ENE. of St Helens. Pop. 8575.

Haydon Bridge

Haydon Bridge, a Northumberland town, on the South Tyne, 7 1/2 miles W. of Hexham. Pop. of parish, 2045.


Haye, La. See Hague.

Hayes Barton

Hayes Barton, Devon, Raleigh's birthplace, now a farmhouse, 4 miles WSW. of Sidmouth.


Hayle, a Cornish seaport, 4 miles SE. of St Ives. Pop. 1073.

Hay River,' in the Canadian North-west, on its north-eastward course to the southern shore of the Great Slave Lake, forms the two Alexandra Falls, 250 feet high and 300 yards wide.

Haywards Heath

Hayward's Heath, a Sussex market-town, 12 1/2 miles N. of Brighton. Pop. 3720.


Hazaribagh, a town of Chota Nagpore, Bengal. Pop. 17,306.


Hazebrouck, a town in the French dep. of Nord, 28 miles WNW. of Lille. Pop. 12,650.


Hazleton, a borough of Pennsylvania, 100 miles NNW. of Philadelphia, has ironworks, lumber-mills, and railway-car shops, and is the centre of the rich Lehigh coalfield. Pop. 15,500.


Headford, a village 20 miles N. of Galway. Pop. 511.


Heanor, a Derbyshire town, 6 miles E. by S. of Belper, with coal-pits and ironworks. Pop. of urban district, 16,250.

Hearts Content

Heart's Content, a port of Newfoundland, on the east side of Trinity Bay. Pop. 10S0.


Heathfield, a Sussex parish, 8 miles N. of Hailsham, a great poultry-farming centre, with natural gas from borings. Heathfield Park was purchased in 1763 by General Eliott, Lord Heathfield. Pop. 2700.

Heath Town

Heath Town, a north-east suburb of Wolverhampton. Pop. 9450.


Heaton-Norris, a Lancashire town, suburban to Stockport (q.v.). Pop. 9480.


Hebburn, a Durham town, on the Tyne, 3 miles WSW. of South Shields. It has chemical works and shipbuilding. Pop. (1881) 11,802; (1901) 20,901.

Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, at the Hebden's influx to the Calder, 8 miles W. by N. of Halifax. It manufactures cotton, silk, iron, etc. Pop. 7658.


Hebrides, New. See New Hebrides.


Hebron, one of the oldest cities in Palestine, 21 miles SSW. of Jerusalem. It was the seven years' residence of King David before he conquered Jerusalem. The modern town, El Khalll (' the friend' - of God, Abraham), is a poor place, with some 18,000 inhabitants. It lies low down in a narrow valley - the Valley of Eshcol, famous now, as of old, for its grapes. The church erected by the Empress Helena, and converted into a mosque called El-Haram ('sanctuary'), encloses the cave which is the traditional burial-place of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Heckmondwike, a market-town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 8 miles NE. of Huddersfield. It is the chief seat of the carpet and blanket manufactures in the West Riding, and also makes rugs, pilot-cloth, and flushings. There are ironworks, machine-shops, and coal-mines in the neighbourhood. Here was born John Curwen, the inventor of the Tonic Solfa system. Pop. (1851) 4540 ; (1901) 9460.