Heliopolis ('city of the sun'), the Greek name of the city called by the Egyptians On or An, which stood on the east side of the Pelusiac branch of the Nile, near the apex of the Delta, and was one of the most ancient and important of Egyptian cities. It was the chief seat of the wisdom of the Egyptians. See also Baalbek.


Hellas. See Greece.


Hellespont. See Dardanelles.

Hell Gate

Hell Gate, or Hurl Gate, named by the Dutch settlers of New York Helle Gat, is a pass in the East River, between New York City and Long Island, formerly very dangerous to vessels from its rapid current and from its numerous rocks - blasted away only in 1885.


Hellin, a town of Spain, 69 miles by rail NNW. of Murcia. In the vicinity are productive sulphur-mines and sulphur-springs. Pop. 12,714.

Hells Glen

Hell's Glen, an Argyllshire glen between Inveraray and Lochgoilhead.

Helmingham Hall

Helmingham Hall, the fine moated Elizabethan seat of Lord Tollemache, in Suffolk, 9 miles N. by E. of Ipswich.


Helmond, a Dutch town, 23 miles NW. of Venlo by rail. Pop. 11,450.


Helmsdale, a Sutherland fishing-village, 83 miles by rail NNE. of Dingwall. Pop. 780.


Helmsley, a Yorkshire town, 3l 1/2 miles N. of York, with linen manufactures. Pop. 1500.


Helmstedt, a German town, 24 miles ESE. of Brunswick. From 1574 to 1809 it was the seat of a Protestant university. Pop. 14,260.


Helmund, or Helmand, a river of Afghanistan, rises on the south slopes of the Hindu Kush, and flows 680 miles south-west, west, and north-west to the lake of Hamun or Seistan.


Helsingborg, a seaport of southern Sweden, 32 miles by rail NW. of Malmo, on the Sound, opposite Elsinore (Dan. Helsingor'). It has a good harbour. Pop. 26,000.


Helston. an old Cornish market-town, 10 miles WSW. of Falmouth. It was made a borough by King John in 1201; and from Edward I.'s reign to 1832 returned two members, then one till 1885. It has long been noted for its Furry or Flora Dance, held on 8th May. There is a branch railway (1887) from Gwinear Road. Pop. 3098.


Heluan, or Helwan, a town 15 miles SE. of Cairo by rail, with well-appointed mineral springs, baths, and hotels. Pop. 5000.


Helvellyn, one of the highest mountains of England, in the west of Cumberland, between Keswick and Ambleside. It is 3118 feet high, is easy of ascent, and commands magnificent views.


Helvoetsluys, or Hellevoetsluis, a fortified Dutch seaport, on the Haringvliet, an arm of the Maas, 17 miles SW. of Rotterdam. Here William III. embarked for England in 1688. Pop. 4362.

Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead, a market-town of Hertfordshire, 23 miles NW. of London, a centre of the straw-plaiting industry. It has also paper-mills, iron-foundries, tanneries, and breweries. Pop. of parish, 11,500. >


Hems, Homs, or Hums (Lat. Emesa), a city of Syria, near the right bank of the Orontes, 63 miles NE. of Tripoli. In ancient times it was chiefly celebrated for its temple of the Sun. Pop. 60,000. See Hamah.