Henderson, capital of Henderson county, Kentucky, on the Ohio, 10 miles S. of Evans-ville by rail, with tobacco-factories. Pop. 10,280.

Hengrave Hall

Hengrave Hall, a splendid Tudor mansion (1538) in Suffolk, 3 miles NNW. of Bury St Edmunds.


Henley-in-Arden, a Warwickshire town, on the Arrow, 8 miles WNW. of Stratford-on-Avon. Pop. 1043.


Henley-on-Thames, a municipal borough of Oxfordshire, at the base of the Chiltern Hills, and on the. left bank of the Thames, 8 miles NE. of Reading, 36 W. of London, and 24 SE. of Oxford by road (by river 47). The five-arch bridge was built in 1786 at a cost of 10,000 ; the parish church, Decorated in style, was restored in 1864; and the grammar-school was founded in 1605. Malting and brewing are carried on; and there is a considerable trade in corn, flour, and timber. The principal amateur regatta of England has been held here every summer since 1839. Pop. 6000.


Hennegau. See Hainault.


Herault, a maritime dep. in the south of France, washed by the Gulf of Lyons. Area, 2393 sq. m. ; pop. (1872) 429,878; (1901) 489,421. It is divided into the four arrondissements of Beziers, Lodeve, Montpellier (the capital), and Saint-Pons.

Hercynian Forest

Hercynian Forest (Lat. Hercynia silva), the wooded mountain-ranges of middle Germany, from the Rhine to the Carpathian Mountains.


Herencia, a town of Spain, 40 miles NE. of Ciudad Real. Pop. 5968.


Hereros. See Damaraland.


Herford, a Prussian town in Westphalia, 59 miles SW.. of Hanover by rail. It manufactures cottons, linens, sugar, etc. Pop. 25,902.


Heri-rud. See Hari-rud.


Herisau, a town, with cotton-mills, in the Swiss canton Appenzell, 2549 feet above sea-level, and 5 1/2 miles SW. of St Gall by rail. Pop. 13,783.


Heristal, or Herstal, an industrial town of Belgium, on the Meuse, virtually a suburb NE. of Liege. It is mostly inhabited by workers in the coal-mines and the iron and steel works. Here King Pepin was born and Charlemagne often lived. Pop. 18,200.


Herkulesbad. See Mehadia.


Hermannstadt (Lat. Cibinium, Hung. Nagy-Szeberi), a town of Hungary, formerly capital of Transylvania, at the terminus of a branch railway (28 miles long), 370 miles SE. of Pesth. It is the seat of a Greek archbishop and of a ' Saxon' university. The fine Bruckenthal palace contains a picture-gallery and a library of 30,000 volumes. Tanning, wax-bleaching, and the making of cloth, paper, candles, sugar, and hats are carried on. Pop. 26,500.

Hermitage Castle

Hermitage Castle, a ruin in Liddesdale, Roxburghshire, 5 1/2 miles N. by E. of Newcastleton. It has memories of Bothwell and Queen Mary.


Hermon, Mount (now Jebel-es-Sheikh), 9150 feet high, is the culminating point of the Anti-Libanus range. See Lebanon.

Hermopolis Magna

Hermopolis Magna (mod. Ashmun or Eshmoon), an ancient town of Egypt, on the Nile, at the border of the Thebaid, and near the frontier line of upper and middle Egypt.