Holyoke, a city of Massachusetts, 8 miles N. of Springfield, on the Connecticut River, which is here crossed by a dam over 1000 feet long and falls 60 feet in less than a mile, supplying immense water-power. Holyoke has paper-mills, cotton-factories, woollen-mills, grist-mills, and manufactures of metal and wooden wares. It contains a fine city-hall of granite. Pop. (1870) 10,733 ; (1890) 35,637; (1900) 45,712. Holyrood. See Edinburgh. Holytown, a mining-town of Lanarkshire, 5 1/2 miles SSE. of Coatbridge. Pop. 4811.


Holywell (Welsh Treffynnon), a parliamentary borough and market-town of Flintshire, on an eminence 15 miles NW. of Chester. It is the seat of numerous lead, iron, copper, and zinc mines, and has smelting-works, manufactures of paper, flannel, and Roman cement, tanyards, and breweries. The borough unites with those of Flint, Mold, etc. in returning one member. Population, about 2650. Holywell owes its origin to the renowned well of St Winifred, which, until diminished by drainage works, delivered 4700 gallons of water per minute. The Perpendicular chapel over the well is attributed to Margaret, mother of Henry VII. It is still a place of Catholic pilgrimage. See Pennant's History of Holywell (1796).


Holywood, a seaport and watering-place, 4 1/2 miles NE. of Belfast. Pop. 3889.


Homburg, a town in the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau, at the foot of the Taunus Mountains, 8 miles NNW. of Frankfort-on-the-Main. It has beautiful environs, and its five saline and chalybeate springs attract about 12,000 visitors annually. They are good for disordered liver and stomach, gout, rheumatism, scrofula, and skin diseases. About 400,000 bottles are sent away yearly. The gaming-tables were suppressed in 1872. Pop. 9663. Homerton, a district in Hackney, E. London. Homildon Hill, an eminence in Northumberland, 1 mile NE. of Wooler, where on 14th September 1402 Earl Douglas and 10,000 Scots were defeated by an English army under Hotspur.


Horns. See Hems.


Honan, a central province of China, desolated in 1887 by the inundation of the Hoang-ho.


Honawar, a seaport on the Malabar coast of India, 340 miles SSE. of Bombay. Pop. 6658.


Honfleur, a seaport in the French dep. of Calvados, on the southern side of the Seine estuary, opposite and 7 miles from Havre. The commerce has been absorbed in great measure by Havre; but the harbour and its approaches were greatly improved in 1874-81. Pop. 9400.

Honister Pass

Hon'ister Pass, a mountain way (1190 feet) in the Lake Country, Cumberland, leading to Butter-mere, and flanked by Honister Crag (1750 feet).


Hon'iton, a market-town and municipal borough (1846) of Devonshire, near the left bank of the Otter, 17 miles by rail ENE. of Exeter. Four times devastated by fire between 1747 and 1797, it is a modern well-built place; but its old parish church, on a hill, contains a fine oak-screen, erected in 1482 by Bishop Courtenay of Exeter. The famous Honiton pillow-lace, a manufacture introduced here by Flemish refugees in the middle of the 16th century, is still a specialty of the district. The beautiful vale of Honiton is famous for its butter. Honiton was disfranchised in 1868. Fop. 3300.