Honolulu, the capital of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands, on the southern coast of the island of Oahu. Its spacious harbour, the only really well-protected port in the archipelago, is entered through an opening, 150 yards wide. The town stands close to the shore, on a narrow plain at the mouth of the Nuuanu valley. The mountains, which protect the harbour from the northeasterly trade-winds, also keep off the rain, so that the rainfall at Honolulu is much smaller than in some other parts of the islands. Waterworks, however, supply irrigation, which keeps the gardens of the town bright with flowers and foliage. The centre of the town is well laid out in rectangular streets, with houses built in European style; most of the appliances of civilisation are to be found, notably telephones; there are fine government buildings, and an interesting public library. Pop. 39.907, including a large number of foreigners ; for the trade is almost entirely in foreign hands.


Hood, Mount. See Cascade Range.


Hooghly, or HUGLI, a river of Bengal, the most westerly and important of the channels by which the Ganges reaches the sea. Taking its distinctive name near the town of Santipur, it has a southerly course of 64 miles to Calcutta, and a further course of 81 miles to the Bay of Bengal. Being a deltaic river, the Hooghly is much subject to being silted up, and is only kept open to navigation by vigilant works. Vessels, however, drawing 26 feet of water are safely taken up to Calcutta. At its mouth the Hooghly is 15 miles wide. Its 'bore' often attains a height of 7 feet.


Hooghly (Hugli), a city of Bengal, on the river Hooghly's right or western bank, 25 miles by rail N. of Calcutta. Pop. with Chinsurah, immediately to the south, 29,400.


Hooker, Mount, a peak in the Canadian Rockies, 10,500 feet high, situated on the east boundary of British Columbia.

Hook of Holland

Hook of Holland (Hoek van Holland), a landing-place N. of the northernmost mouth of the Maas.


Hoorn, a decaying seaport of North Holland, on a bay of the Zuider Zee, 27 miles NNE. of Amsterdam by rail. Pop. 10,711.

Hoosac Mountain

Hoosac Mountain, a part of the Green Mountain range in western Massachusetts, through which is pierced the most notable railway tunnel in America. Nearly 5 miles long, it was commenced in 1851 for the line between Boston and Albany, was twice abandoned, and was finally opened in 1875, having cost about $18,000,000.


Hopeman, a fishing-village (founded 1805) of Elginshire, 6 1/2 miles NW. of Elgin. Pop. 1404.

Hopetoun House

Hopetoun House, the Earl of Hopetoun's seat in Linlithgowshire, near the Firth of Forth, 3 miles W. by N. of South Queensferry.


Hor, Mount. See Edom.


Horbury, a village of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 4 miles SW. of Wakefield, manufactures woollens, worsteds, flannels, etc. Pop. 6673.


Horde, a town of Westphalia, 2 1/2 miles SE. of Dortmund, has large ironworks (employing more than 4000 men) and coal-mines, with iron, steel, and zinc manufactories. Pop. 25,598.