Hoylake, a small watering-place of Cheshire, at the extremity of Wirral peninsula, 8 miles by rail W. of Birkenhead. It has a celebrated golf-links, opened in 1869. Pop. 10,900.


Hradschin. See Prague.


Hualla'ga, a river of Peru, 650 miles long, rises near the Cerro de Pasco, over 14,000 feet above the sea, and flows north on the east side of the Central Cordillera, breaking through the range at the gorge of Chasuta, to the Maranon. It is navigable as far as Yurimaguas.


Huamanga. See Ayacucho.


Huancaveli'ca, the capital of a Peruvian dep., 150 miles SE. of Lima. Near it are famous quicksilver mines. Pop. 3000.


Huan'uco, the capital of a Peruvian dep., lies in a lovely valley on the Huallaga. Pop. 7300.


Hubertusburg, a royal Saxon hunting-seat, 25 miles E. by S. of Leipzig, built in 1721. It was much injured during the Seven Years' War; and here in 1763 was signed the treaty ending that war. Since 1840 it has served as prison, hospital, and lunatic asylum.


Hubli, a town of Dharwar, in Bombay presidency, 102 miles NE. of Karwar on the Malabar coast. It is an important cotton-mart. Pop. 60,500.


Hucknall-Torkard, a village 8 miles NNW. of Nottingham. Byron is buried here.


Hue, the capital of Annam, 10 miles from the mouth of the Hue River, or Truongtien. In 1801 it was strongly fortified by French officers. The heart of the city is occupied by the palace; much of the rest is composed of mud huts. Since 1884 there has been a French garrison in Thuanan, the port of Hue. Pop. 50,000 (with suburbs, 90,000), including many Chinese.


Huelva, a thriving town of Spain, near the confluence of the Odiel and the Tinto, 68 miles by rail WSW. of Seville. Fishing and the plaiting of esparto grass are the chief industries. Huelva is the port for the Rio Tinto copper-mines, in British hands, and a shipping place for wine. An iron pier was erected in 1889-90. Pop. 19,677. - Huelva province has an area of 3913 sq. m., and a pop. of 262,000.


Huesca, a picturesque town of Spain, 55 miles by rail NE. of Saragossa. Among its chief buildings are the beautiful Gothic cathedral (1400-1515); the Romanesque church of San Pedro (1150-1241); the university, founded in 1354; and a former palace of the kings of Aragon. Huesca is the Osca of the Romans, where Ser-torius was murdered in 72 b.c. Pop. 11,764. - Huesca province has an area of 5848 sq. m., and a pop. of 250,000.


Huescar, a town of Spain, 75 miles NE. of Granada. Pop. 7737.


Hughenden (locally Hitchendon), a parish of Buckinghamshire, among the Chiltern Hills, 2 miles N. of High Wycombe. Hughenden Manor, a large brick three-story mansion, mostly modern, was purchased before 1847 by Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfleld. It is rich in interesting portraits; and in its terraced gardens are trees planted by Queen Victoria in 1877 and the Prince of Wales in 1880. The ancient parish church, much restored in 1874, contains a monument to the earl, erected by the Queen; and in its vault he lies buried by the side of Lady Beaconsfield.