Hugh Town

Hugh Town. See Scilly Islands.


Huglf. See Hooghly.


Humbleton. See Homildon.


Humboldt, a river rising in the NE. part of Nevada, and flowing 350 miles WSW. to Humboldt Sink, a lake over 40 miles in circumference, with no outlet. Unnavigable even for canoes, it is strongly impregnated with alkaline matter.

Hume Castle

Hume Castle, Berwickshire, 6 miles N. by W. of Kelso, on Hume Crags (700 feet), is now a mere sham antique, on the site of the old stronghold of the lords of Home.


Hu-nan, a province of China (q.v.).


Hungerford, a town of Berkshire, partly also in Wiltshire, is situated on the river Kennet, 26 miles WSW. of Reading. It is a hunting centre, and a favourite resort of anglers, having been even in Evelyn's time 'a towne famous for its troutes.' In the town-hall (1870) is a horn gifted by John of Gaunt in 1362. Pop. 3000.


Huningen (Fr. Huningue), a town of Alsace, on the Rhine's left bank, 2 1/2 miles N. of Basel, is celebrated for its fish-breeding establishment (1852). Vauban's fortifications (1679-81) were razed in 1815. Pop. 2500.


Hunstanton (pron. Hunston), a watering-place of Norfolk, on the Wash, 18 miles NE. of King's Lynn by a railway (1862). It has a broad beach of firm sand, and good bathing and sea-fishing, a pier, a lighthouse (1840), and a splendid Decorated church (c. 1330). Hunstanton Hall, dating from the Tudor period, but greatly injured by fire in 1859, was the seat of Sir Roger L'Estrange. Pop. 1725.


Huntingdon, the county town of Huntingdonshire, on the left bank of the Ouse, and the Ermine Street of the Romans, 59 miles N. of London. It became the seat of a royal castle in 917, and was incorporated in 1189. It has the Buckden Library (1890), breweries, brickworks, carriage-works, and nursery gardens. Here Oliver Cromwell was born (1599), and here the poet Cowper lived (1765-67); the chronicler, Henry of Huntingdon, from 1110 to 1155 was Archdeacon of Huntingdon. With the municipal borough of Godmanchester (pop. 2095), on the opposite bank, it formed a parliamentary borough, returning till 1867 two members, till 1885 one. Pop. (1851) 3882 ; (1901) 4261.


Huntingdon, a town of Pennsylvania, 34 miles E. of Altoona. Pop. 6053.


Huntington, the name of several towns in the United States. The largest are (1) capital of Cabell co., W. Virginia, on the Ohio River, 18 miles from Ironton. It has a college and many factories. Pop. 11,970. - (2) A town of New York, 30 miles E. by W. of New York City. Pop. 9483. - (3) A city of Indiana, on the Little River, 24 miles SW. of Fort Wayne. Pop. 9491.


Huntingtower, or Ruthven Castle, a ruin, 3 miles WNW. of Perth. James VI. was kidnapped here in the ' Raid of Ruthven' (1584).


Huntly, a Scottish town, 41 miles NW. of Aberdeen. Near it is ruined Huntly Castle, the seat of the earls and marquises of Huntly. Dr George Macdonald was born here. Pop. 4150.