Hydra, a bleak, rock-bound Greek island, lies 4 miles from the coast of the Peloponnesian department of Argolis and Corinth. It is a narrow rocky ridge, 11 miles long, 1960 feet high, and 20 sq. m. in area. On the north-west coast is the seaport of Hydra (6446). The 7342 islanders, mostly of Albanian origin, make excellent seamen, and carry on cotton and silk weaving, tanning, shipbuilding, sponge-fishing, and commerce. Prior to the war of Greek independence the Hydriotes numbered 28,000.


Hyeres, a town of Provence, in the French dep. of Var, on a southern hill-slope, crowned by a ruined castle, 3 miles from the Mediterranean, and 13 E. of Toulon by rail. Embosomed in palm-groves and orange-orchards, it is celebrated for the beauty of its situation and its mild, dry climate, and is therefore growing more and more in favour as an invalid resort between October and May. An English church was built in 1884; and since 1875 great improvements have been carried out in the way of drainage, water-works, boulevards, etc. Massillon was a native. Pop. (1872) 5881; .(1901) 15,236. Near the coast lie the wooded Iles d'Hyeres or d'Or (anc. Stœchades).


Hymettus (now Trelo Vouni), a mountain (3368 feet) in Attica, SE. of Athens, was famous of old for its honey and bluish marble.


Hyndlee, the Roxburghshire farm, 10 miles SE. from Hawick, of James Davidson, the prototype of' Dandie Dinmont.'


Hyogo, or Kobe, a port of central Japan, on the west shore of the Gulf of Osaka, 20 miles S. of that city. Population, 285,000. The foreign settlement is finely laid out, and the town is one of the most attractive and prosperous in Japan. It has been open to foreign trade since 1860, and has wharves, shipbuilding-yards, and a paper-mill.


IBADAN, chief commercial town of Yoruba in Africa, in the British colony of Lagos, 124 miles from Lagos byrail. Pop. 200,000. Ibague, capital of the department of Tolima in Colombia, 60 miles W. of Bogota, on a fertile plain 4000 ft. above the sea. Pop. 12,000. Ibajay, a town of Panay, in the province of Capiz, in the Philippines. Pop. 12,000.


Ibarra, capital of Imbabura province, Ecuador, 7000 feet above the sea. Pop. 10,000.


Ibea, a word coined from the initials of Imperial British East Africa, was disused when in 1898 the company was superseded by the British Foreign Office. British East Africa consists of the East Africa Protectorate (200,000 sq. miles on the mainland ; pop. 4,000,000), with the Uganda (q.v.) Protectorate, and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, governed through their sultan.


Iberia, the name by which Georgia (q.v.) was known to the Greeks and Romans ; and also an ancient name for Spain.


Ibrall. See Braila.


Ibrox, a south-west suburb of Glasgow.


Ica, a coast dep. of Peru, with an area of 6295 sq. m. and a pop. of 90,111. The capital, Ica, is 50 miles by rail SE. of Pisco, its port. Pop. 9000.