Illma'ni, a chief summit (21,150 feet) of the Bolivian Andes, 40 miles SE. of La Paz.


Illyria (Lat. Illyricum), the country that stretched along the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea, from Epirus northwards, coinciding now with Bosnia, Dalmatia, Montenegro, etc.


Ilmen, a lake of Russia, with an area of 354 sq. m., discharging through the river Volkhof to Lake Ladoga.


Ilmenau, a town and summer resort in Saxe-Weimar, 30 miles S. of Erfurt, manufactures glass, pottery, toys, and ironware. Pop. 11,000.


Ilminster, a market-town of Somerset, on the Isle, 11 miles SE. of Taunton. Pop. 2300.

Il Obeid

Il Obeid. See Obeid.


Ilori, or Illorin, capital of a territory in Nigeria, and an important commercial centre, stands at an elevation of 1300 feet, 160 miles NNE. of Lagos on the coast, and 50 SW. of the Niger. Once an independent Yoruba state, it became subject to Sokoto, and so came into the sphere of the Niger Company ; since 1897 it gives name to a province of (British) Northern Nigeria.


Ilsley, East, a Berkshire market-town, amid bleak downs, 9 miles N. of Newbury and 6 1/2 S. of Didcot. Its sheep-markets count among the most important in the kingdom. Pop. 519. Archbishop de Dominis was rector of West Ilsley, 2 miles north-west. Pop. 376.


Imbros, a Turkish island of the Aegean Sea, 14 miles NE. of Lemnos, and 14 W. of the mouth of the Dardanelles. Area, 98 sq. m. ; pop. 9000, mostly of Greek descent. It attains 1959 feet above sea-level. The chief village, Kastro, on the north coast, occupies the site of the ancient town of Imbros.


Imeritia. See Caucasus.


I'mola (anc. Forum Cornelii), a picturesque town of Italy, on an islet formed by the river Santerno (Vatremis), 22 miles SE. of Bologna by rail. Its cathedral has been spoiled by modern restoration. Pop. 12,500.


Imphail. the native name of Manipur (q.v.).

Inaccessible Island

Inaccessible Island. See Tristan da Cunha.


Inagua. See Bahamas.


Inchaffray, a ruined Augustinian abbey (1200) Of Perthshire, 6 1/2 miles E. by N. of Crielf.


Inchcapo. See Bell Rock.


Inchcolm ('Columba's island'), a Fife islet, in the Firth of Forth, 1 1/2 mile 8. by W. of Aberdour. It has remains of a 12th-century Augustinian abbey and an earlier hermitage.


Inchgarvie. See Forth Bridge.


Inchkeith, a strongly fortified islet of Fife, in the Firth of Forth, 2 3/4 miles SSE. of Kinghorn Ness. It rises to 182 feet, and is crowned by a lighthouse, dating from 1803.


Inchmahome. See Menteith.


Indigirka, a river in the Siberian government of Yakutsk, rises in a western offset of the Stan-ovoi Mountains, and flows 870 miles northward through a frozen desert to the Arctic Ocean.


Indo-China, the eastern of the two great Asiatic peninsulas which extend southwards into the Indian Ocean, sometimes called Further India. It is washed on the east by the Gulfs of Tongking and Siam and the Chinese Sea, and on the west by the Bay of Bengal. For its various states see Annam, Burma, Cambodia, Cochin-China, Malacca, Siam, and Tonquin. - The term Indonesia is sometimes used for the Indian Archipelago, the islands to the SE. of Asia.