Indore, a Mahratta principality of India, comprising the territories of the Holkar dynasty, and consisting of several detached tracts, covers an area of 8402 sq. m. The bulk of it lies between Sindhia's dominions on the north and Bombay Presidency on the south. It is traversed from east to west by the Nerbudda, which almost bisects it; by the Vindhya Mountains, here 2500 feet above the sea; and by the Satpura Mountains. Principal products, poppy, cotton, tobacco, wheat, rice, millets, etc.; principal industries, cotton and opium manufacture. Pop. (1901) 850,700. The state was founded about the middle of the 18th century ; in 1818 its ruler became a feudatory of the British Indian empire. - Indore, the capital, is situated in 22° 42' N. lat. and 75o 54' E. long., 17S6 feet above sea-level. Population, 88,000, mostly Hindus. During the revolt of 1857, though the maharaja remained faithful, his troops mutinied, holding their prince a prisoner in his own palace, and butchering many Europeans.