Iseghem (Ee'ze-khem), a town of Belgium, 10 miles by rail N. by W. of Courtrai. Pop. 12,200.


Iseo (Ee-zay-o), Lake (Lacus Sebinus), a lake of northern Italy, situated between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. Length, 12 1/2 miles ; maximum breadth, 3 2/5 miles ; area, 24 sq. m. It contains two small islands, and is traversed by the Oglio, a tributary of the Po.


Isere (Ee-zehr'), a dep. in the south-east of France, round which on the north and west flows the river Rhone. It was formed out of the ancient province of Dauphine. Area, 3200 sq. m.; pop. (1872) 575,784; (1901) 563,813. The dep. contains the four arrondissements of Grenoble (the capital), La Tour-du-Pin, St Marcellin, and Vienne.


Iserlohn (Ee-zer-loan), a town of Prussian Westphalia, on a tributary of the Ruhr, 14 miles SE. of Dortmund. It manufactures brass and bronze articles. The calamine mines are celebrated. The neighbouring Dechen stalactite cave, 292 yards long, was discovered in 1868. Pop. 30,000.


Isernia (anc. Aesernia), a cathedral city of Italy, 52 miles N. of Naples. Pop. 9678.


Ishim. See Irtish. ' Ish'peming, a city of Michigan, 15 miles W. of Marquette on Lake Superior, and 392 N. of Chicago by rail. Much iron ore is mined close by, and the town possesses foundries, blastfurnaces, etc. Pop. 15,000.


Iskanderoon. See Scanderoon.


Isla (I'la), (1) a river of Forfar and Perthshire, flowing 46 miles SE. and SW. to the Tay near Cargill, 4 1/2 miles WSW. of Coupar-Angus. - (2) A Banffshire stream, running 18 miles to the Deverou near Grange Junction.

Isla de Pinos

Isla de Pinos. See Pinos, Isla de. Islamabad. See Chittagong. Islandshire, a part of Northumberland in England, embracing the Fame Islands, together with three parishes adjoining Berwick-on-Tweed (q.v.) and portions of two others. Till 1844 it formed a detached part of Durham county.


Islay (I'lay), an Argyllshire island, 13 miles W. of Kintyre, and 1/2 mile SW. of Jura, from which it is separated by the Sound of Islay. Deeply indented on the south by Loch Indal (12 x 8 miles), Islay has a maximum length and breadth of 25 1/2 and 19 miles, and an area of 246 sq. m. It contains several small fresh-water lakes, and attains a height of 1444 feet. More than half the whole area is capable of cultivation, and great improvements have been effected in the way of road-making, draining, reclamation, etc. Dairy-farming, stock-raising, and whisky-distillation are leading industries; whilst slate, marble, iron, lead, and silver have been worked. Pop. (1831) 14,982; (1901) 6875.

Isle of France

Isle of France. See Mauritius.

Isle of Man

Isle of Man, Wight, etc. See Man, Wight.


Isleworth (I'zel-worth), a Middlesex parish, on the left bank of the Thames, 12 miles WSW. of London. Here is Sion House, a seat of the Duke of Northumberland, the place where the crown was offered to Lady Jane Grey.