Itasca Lake

Itasca Lake. See Mississippi.


Itchen, a Hampshire river, flowing 25 miles SSW. past Winchester to Southampton Water.


Ith'aca, now Thiaki, one of the Ionian Islands (q.v.), the smallest of them except Paxo, is a long, narrow strip of land off the north-east of Cepha-lonia, 20 miles W. of the Greek mainland. The surface is mountainous (2648 feet), the coast steep and rocky. Area, 37 sq. m. Ithaca was Ulysses' home. Pop. 11,050. Chief town, Vathy. See Schliemann's Ithaka (1869).


Ithaca, capital of Tompkins county, New York, picturesquely situated on Cayuga Lake, 35 miles NNB. of Elmira by rail. It has a large trade in coal, and many foundries, mills, and factories, and is the seat of Cornell unsectarian male and female university, founded in 1868 by Ezra Cornell. Pop. 14,079.


Itzehoe, a town of Holstein, 40 miles NW. of Hamburg by rail. It manufactures sugar, cotton, machinery, chicory, and soap. Pop. 16,772. The original castle (Eselsfleth), around which Etzehoe or Itzehoe gradually arose, was built by Charlemagne in 809.


Ivano'vo, or Ivanovo-Voznesensk, the ' Manchester' of Russia, in Vladimir government, 210 miles by rail NE. of Moscow. It has been the centre of the Russian cotton industry since about 1750. Pop. 54,000.


Ivel, a river of Herts and Bedfordshire, flowing 30 miles N. to the Ouse at Tempsford.


Ivinghoe, a market-town of Bucks, 2 miles SSE. of Cheddington Junction, and 38 NW. of London. Ivinghoe Beacon (904 feet) is one of the Chiltern Hills. Pop. of parish, 1077.


Iv'iza, or Ibiza (anc. Ebusus), the most southwesterly of the Balearic Isles (q.v.), 56 miles from the Spanish mainland. It is mountainous, and its coasts are indented. Area, 228 sq. m. ; pop. 21,568. Iviza, the chief town, is fortified, and a bishop's see. Pop. 6400.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, a part of the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa, embraces the districts between Cape Palmas and the river Assini. Its western portion belongs to Liberia ; its eastern, now counted as part of the Gold Coast, is shared between Britain and France.


Ivre'a, a town of Piedmont, 38 miles NNE. of Turin by rail. Its cathedral is on the site of a temple to Apollo. Pop. 9883.


Ivry, a village (pop. 1074) in the French dep. of Eure, 16 miles NNW. of Dreux. Here, 14th March 1590, Henry of Navarre defeated the League.-Ivry-sur-Seine, a SE. suburb of Paris, on the Seine. Pop. 28,357.


Ivybridge, a Devon village, 11 miles E. by N. of Plymouth. It has paper-mills. Pop. 1582.


Ixworth, a Suffolk village, 6 1/2 miles NE. of Bury St Edmunds. Pop. of parish, 951.


JABALPUR, or Jubbulpore, a town of the Central Provinces, India, 228 miles by rail SW. of Allahabad. An important railway junction, it has a trade worth about 2,000,000 annually, and manufactures cotton, tents, and carpets. Pop. (1877) 55,188; (1901) 89,708. Jablonoi. See Yablonoi.