Jaffnapatam', a seaport on an island at the north end of Ceylon. Pop. 37,000.


Jagerndorf (Yay-gem-dorf, g hard), a town of Austrian Silesia, 34 miles by rail W. of Ratibor. It manufactures woollens, linen, organs, etc. Pop. 14,792.


Jahde, or Jade (Ya-deh), a bay of Oldenburg, now Prussian, with the naval station of Wil-helmshaven (q.v.).


Jaipur. See Jeypore.


Jaisalmer, or Jeysulmere, capital of a native Indian state in Rajputana, stands on the edge of the Indian Desert, and was founded in 1156.

It has several Jain temples. Pop. 10,965. - Area of state, 16,039 sq. m. ; pop. 115,701.


Jakutsk. See Yakutsk.


Jalalpur, a town of the Punjab, 8 miles N. of Gujrat, with shawl manufactures. Pop. 12,884.


Jalandhar. See Jullunder.


Jalapa (Hala'pa), capital of the Mexican state of Vera Cruz, 60 miles by rail NW. of Vera Cruz City, and 4330 feet above the sea. Pop. 19,000.


Jalisco (Halis'co), a state of Mexico, on the Pacific, with an area of 38,840 sq. m. Population, over 1,160,000. The capital is Guadalajara (q.v.).


Jalna, a town and British cantonment in the Nizam's dominions, India, 210 miles NE. of Bombay. Pop. 16,191.

Jalu.it, chief town of the Marshall Islands (q.v.).


Jambusar, a town in the presidency of Bombay, 30 miles SW. of Baroda. Pop. 11,479.

James River is formed by the union of the Jackson and Cowpasture streams in the west of Virginia, and has its entire course of 450 miles in that state. It flows east-south-eastward, passing Lynchburgh and Richmond ; and, widening into an estuary for the last 60 miles, falls into the Atlantic at the southern extremity of Chesapeake Bay. It is navigable for large steamers to City Point, at the mouth of the Appomattox. It was at Jamestown, now a ruined village on the north bank of this river, that the first English settlement in America was formed (1607).

Jamess Bay

James's Bay, the southerly arm of Hudson Bay, 250 miles long by 175 wide, beset with islands.


Jamestown, a town of Dumbartonshire, on the Leven's left bank, | mile N. of Bonhill. It has large print-works. Pop. 2100.


Jamestown, a town of New York, on Chautauqua Lake, 70 miles S. by W. of Buffalo by rail. It manufactures woollens and alpacas, pianos, furniture, etc. Population, about 25,000. See also James River, St Helena.


Jammu (Jummoo), capital of a province of Cashmere, on an affluent of the Chenab. Pop. 36,200.


Jamnotri, hot springs (194.7° F.) near the Jumna's source, In northern India, in 30° 59' N. Iat. and 78° 35' E. long., 10,849 feet above the sea. They are overhung by the three Jamnotri Peaks (20,100 to 21,150 feet).


Janesville, a city of Wisconsin, on Rock River, 91 miles NW. of Chicago. The river's water-power is utilised in flour, cotton, and woollen mills. Pop. 15,836.