Jauer (Yow'er), a town of Prussian Silesia, on the Neisse, 13 miles by rail S. of Liegnitz. It is famous for its sausages and its weekly corn-market, held regularly since 1404. Pop. 13,178.


Jaura, the capital of a native state of Central India. Pop. 23,844.


Jaunpur, the capital of a district in the Northwest Provinces of India, on the Gumti, here crossed by a bridge (1573) 712 feet long. The former capital of a Mohammedan kingdom, it has several splendid architectural monuments, including Ibrahim's baths (1420), mosques, and ruins of mosques and of the fort. Pop. 42,819.


Jaworow (Ya'vorov), a town of Austrian Galicia, 30 miles WNW. of Lemberg, was the favourite residence of John Sobieski, king of Poland. Pop. 9959.


Jeantown, or Lochcarron, a Ross-shire village, on the N. shore of Loch Carron, 3 1/2 miles SW. of Strathcarron station. Pop. 383.


Jed, a Roxburghshire stream, flowing 22 miles N. by E. to the Teviot, near Mounteviot House.


Jeddah. See Jiddah.

Jefferson City

Jefferson City, the capital (since 1826) of Missouri, on the Missouri River, 125 miles by rail W. of St Louis. It has a state-house, U.S. court-house, state armoury and penitentiary (1500 convicts), the Lincoln Institute for coloured students, flour-mills, etc. Pop. 9742.


Jeffersonville, a city of Indiana, on the Ohio River, opposite Louisville, Kentucky, with which it is conneoted by an iron railway bridge nearly a mile long. The falls of the river here are utilised in railway workshops, foundries, machine-shops, flour-mills, etc. There are also boat-yards, and hydraulic cement is manufactured in the vicinity. Pop. 10,766.


Jehlam. See Jhelum.


Jeisk, or Eisk, a town in the Russian province of Kuban (Caucasus), on a small bay at the east end of the Sea of Azov, 65 miles SW. of Azov. Founded in 1848, it has grown rapidly, exports corn, flax, and wool, and has cloth manufactures and tanneries. Pop. 38,288.


Jelalabad', a town of Afghanistan, near the Kabul River, about half-way between the Indian frontier fortress of Peshawur and the city of Kabul. Formerly a strong fortress itself, it is now a dirty village of 3000 inhabitants. It is interesting from its heroic defence by Sir R. Sale in 1841-42 ; in the war of 1878 it was held by the British until 1880.


Jelatom, or Elatma, a town of Russia, 170 miles ESE. of Moscow. Pop. 7560.


Jeletz, or Eletz, a town of Russia, 120 miles by rail ESE. of Orel. It exports wheat and flour, has a great trade in cattle, and manufactures leather, soap, candles, etc. Pop. 36,346.


Jellalabad. See Jelalabad.


Jemappes, a village in the Belgian province of Hainault, 3 miles by rail SW. of Mons. Here the French republicans under Dumouriez, on 6th November 1792, defeated the Austrians. The village stands on one of the richest Belgian coalfields, and manufactures stoneware, glass, and chemicals. Pop. 12,722.