Juba, or Jub, a great river of eastern Africa, which flows into the Indian Ocean at about 0° 5' S. lat., and whose mouth marks the northern boundary of the coast placed under British control by the agreement with Germany in 1890.


Jubbulpore. See Jabalpur.


Juby, Cape, on the west coast of Africa, 100 miles south of the frontier of Morocco.


Judaea. See Palestine.


Jujuy (Hoo-hwee'), the northernmost province of Argentina; area, 20,000 sq. m. ; pop. 54,500. - The capital, Jujuy, on the San Francisco River, 44 miles N. of Salta, has a national college and sugar-refineries. Pop. 6000.


Julfa, a suburb of Ispahan (q.v.) in Persia.


Julich (Yu'lihh; Roman Judiacum; Fr. Juliers), a town of Rhenish Prussia, on the Roer, 20 miles by rail NE. of Aix-la-Chapelle. Pop. 5234. Julich was the capital of a duchy annexed in 1814 to Prussia.


Jullunder, or JAlandhar, a very ancient city of the Punjab, stands in the Doab between the Sutlej and the Beas, on the railway between Umballa and Umritsar. Pop. 70,000.


Jumet, a busy place in the Belgian province of Hainault, near Charleroi, with ironworks, collieries, glass-works, etc. Pop. 26,000.


Jumilla, a town of Spain, 36 miles N. by W. of Murcia. Pop. 15,900.


Jumna, or Jamuna, the principal feeder of the Ganges, has its source 10,849 feet above the sea, 5 miles N. of Jamnotri. After a southerly course of 95 miles it breaks into the plains from the Siwalik Hills at an altitude of only 1276 feet. It continues to flow south as far as Hamirpur, beyond Agra, and then turns to the east, finally joining the Ganges from the right 3 miles below Allahabad, after a total course of 860 miles. As a rule its banks are high and craggy. Many tributaries add their waters to swell its current. The towns of Delhi, Agra, Firozabad, Etawah, and Allahabad are on its banks. Where it emerges from the Siwalik Hills, two great irrigation canals, an Eastern and a Western, were made in 1817-30.


Junagarh, capital of a native Indian state (area, 3283 sq. m. ; pop. 490,000) in the peninsula of Kathiawar, NW. of Bombay, is one of the most picturesque towns in India. Pop. 34,250.


Juneau, a mining settlement (named from one of the original prospectors) on the shore of the Alaska strip, till 1903 claimed by Canada, opposite Douglas island. Pop. 3000. There are gold and silver mines in the neighbourhood.


Jungfrau (' the Maiden'), a magnificent peak of the Bernese Alps, 13,671 feet high. A railway to the top was made in 1895-1905.

Juniper Green

Juniper Green, a Midlothian village, 5 1/2 miles SW. of Edinburgh. Pop. 1607.


Juterbog, or Juterbogk, a town of Prussia, 39 miles by rail SSW. of Berlin. Pop. 7797.


Jutland (Dan. Jylland), the only considerable peninsula of Europe that points directly north, has since early in the 10th century formed a portion of the kingdom of Denmark (q.v.). Area, 9754 sq. in. ; pop. (1900) 1,063,792. Jutland was called the Cimbric Chersonesus, from the Cimbri, its early inhabitants. In the 5th century it was inhabited by the Jutes, who took part in the expedition of the Saxons to England; and the Jutes were succeeded by the Danes.