Kaisarieh. See CAesarea.


Kaiserslautern (Kisersloivtern), a town of the Bavarian Palatinate, 52 miles by rail SW. of Worms. The chief manufactures are tissues, yarn, sewing and other machines, ultramarine, furniture, beer, bricks, etc. ; and there are ironworks, steam-sawmills, and railway shops. Pop. (1875) 22,699 ; (1900) 48,300. Frederick I. built a castle here in 1152 (destroyed by the French in 1713); and near by the French republican armies were defeated in 1793 and 1794.


Kaiserswerth, a Prussian town (pop. 2388) on the Rhine, 10 miles below Dusseldorf. Here is Pastor Fliedner's deaconesses' house.

Kaiser Wilhelms Land

Kaiser Wilhelm's Land. See New Guinea.


Kaithal, an ancient town in the Punjab, India, 93 miles NNW. from Delhi. It has saltpetre-refineries, and manufactures lac ornaments and toys. It became British in 1843. Pop. 14,754.

Kalahari Desert

Kalaha'ri Desert, a vast tract of South Africa, extending 600 miles from the Gariep or Orange River northwards to 21° S. lat., with an average breadth of about 350 miles. The so-called desert is an elevated basin, 3000 to 4000 feet high, with numerous depressions, and bordered in most parts by a wide belt of sandy waterless country. But the rainfall in the interior is sufficient to nourish a fair amount of vegetation. Many parts are thickly covered with high, thorny bushes, which harbour game. The inhabitants, called Bakalahari, keep cattle and grow corn, and live by these and by the chase ; wandering Bushmen are also found in the 'desert.' See Farini, Across the Kalahari Desert (1886).


Kalamata, or KalamAe, a seaport in the Greek Peloponnesus, on the Gulf of Koron, is the seat of an archbishop. Pop. 14,300.


Kalamazoo', capital of Kalamazoo county, Michigan, on a river of the same name, 144 miles by rail ENE. of Chicago. An important railway junction, it is the seat of the state insane asylum and of Kalamazoo College (Baptist), and manufactures machinery, paper, flour, carriages, windmills, agricultural tools, furniture, etc. Pop. 25,000.


Kalbe, a town of Prussian Saxony, on the Saale, 17 miles S. of Magdeburg. Pop. 12,300.


Kale, a Roxburghshire stream, running 20 miles to the Teviot, 4 1/2 miles S. by W. of Kelso.


Kalgan, a Chinese town, 110 miles NW. of Peking, opposite the passage through the Great Wall, is a chief emporium of the Chinese tea trade with Mongolia and Siberia. Pop. 70,000.


Kalgoorlie, now third in population of Western Australian towns (after Perth and Fremantle), is 350 miles ENE. of Perth and 25 NE. of Coolgardie by a railway opened in 1896, in the centre of a rich gold-field employing 15,000 miners. The rush hither began in 1893 ; the water difficulty, for a time formidable, was satisfactorily surmounted in 1896. Pop. 7200. Originally the place was called Han nan's.


Kalinjar, an Indian fortress and shrine on an isolated rock (1230 feet high), a spur of the Vindhya Mountains, overlooking the plains.