Kamschatka. See Kamchatka.


Kamthi, or Kampti, a town and cantonment of the Central Provinces, India, 9 miles NE. of Nagpur, on the Kanhan River. Pop. 40,159.


Kamyshin, an important shipping town of Russia, on the Volga, about 100 miles below Saratov. Pop. 16,000.


Kanagawa. See Yokohama.


Kanara, North, a coast-district of Bombay, lies south-east of Goa. Area, 3910 sq. m. ; pop. 454,230. - South Kanara, immediately south of North Kanara, belongs to Madias. Area, 3902 sq. m.; pop. 1,134,600. The capital is Mangalore.


Kanauj, one of the great legendary centres of Aryan civilisation in India, stood originally on the Ganges, 65 miles NW. of Lucknow. At present the site consists of ruins, extending over the area of five villages, 4 miles from the Ganges, the river having altered its bed. The most remarkable buildings are Mohammedan mausoleums. Its most prosperous era was the 6th century; early in the 11th it fell before the sultans of Ghazni. Among the ruins there is a modern town of 17,000 inhabitants.


Kanawha. See Charleston, and Great Kanawha.


Kanazawa, a town of Japan, on the west coast of the main island, NW. from Tokyo, manufactures porcelain and silk. Pop, 100,000.


Kanchinjanga. See Kinchinjinga.


Kandavu, one of the Fiji Islands (q.v.).


Kandy, a town of Ceylon, on a beautiful little lake among the mountains, 74 miles by rail NE. of Colombo. It is 1665 feet above the sea, and has a mean annual temperature of 76° F. Here are ruins of the palace of the former native kings, and a temple in which a reputed tooth of Buddha is preserved. Pop. 26,200.


Kanem, a vassal state of Wadai (q.v.) lying north of Lake Chad.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, an island of South Australia, at the mouth of the Gulf of St Vincent, is 87 miles by 34 broad. Pop. 379.


Kanizsa, two towns in Hungary. (1) Nagy (or Great) Kanizsa, 136 miles by rail SW. of Budapest. Pop. 24,619. -(2) Old Kanizsa, on the Theiss, 15 miles SSW. of Szegedin. Pop. 16,069.


Kankakee', capital of Kankakee county, Illinois, on Kankakee River, 56 miles SSW. of Chicago, with factories and foundries. Pop. 13,600.


Kano', a town and sultanate in Hausaland, Northern Nigeria, 250 miles SSE. of the city of Sokoto. Pop. 100,000.


Kan-su', the north-west province of China.


Kanturk, a market-town, 24 miles NW. of Cork. Pop. 1539.


Kappel. See Cappel.


Kara, a gold-mining district in eastern Siberia, 300 miles from Chita and nearly 5000 from St Petersburg. The mines are the czar's private property, and are worked by 2000 convicts.


Karachi. See Kurrachee.


Karagwe, a territory between the east coast of Africa and the Victoria Nyanza, divided between German and British East Africa.


Kara-hissar. See Afium-Kara-Hissar.


Kara-kol. See Bokhara.


Karakorum, (1) a name given, but according to the best geographers erroneously, to the Muz-tagh range, in the western Himalayas; sometimes also it is given, again erroneously, to the Kuen-Lun range on the north of Tibet. The Mustagh or Muztagh range is that part of the Himalayas which lies to the west of the Indus and extends as far as the head of the Gilgit Valley. It embraces some of the loftiest peaks of the Himalayan system, Dapsang being 28,700 feet high. - (2) The name is properly appropriate to a pass (18,550 feet), the culminating point of the route between India and East Turkestan, in 35° 33' N. lat. and north from Leh - (3) Karakorum is also used to indicate the ruined Mongolian capital, to the north of the desert of Gobi, on the Orkhon, a tributary of the Selenga River.