Kara-kum. See Kizil-kum.


Karaman. See Caramania.


Karamnasa, a river of Bengal, rises in 24° 34' N. lat. and 83° 41' E. long., and, after a course of 146 miles - for some distance along the boundary between Bengal and the North-western Provinces - enters the Ganges from the right. The Hindus hold it in religious abhorrence.

Kara Sea

Kara Sea, the portion of the Arctic Ocean lying between Nova Zembla and the Yalmal Peninsula. Some trade with western Europe now passes over the Kara Sea in summer to and from the rivers Obi and Yenisei.


Karategin, the easternmost province of Bokhara, a highland region (6000-7000 feet), traversed by a tributary of the Amu-Daria. Area, 8310 sq. m.; pop. 100,000.


Karauli (Kerowlee), a hilly, well-timbered native state in Rajputana, separated by the river Chambal from Gwalior. Area, 1229 sq. m. ; pop. 156,587. - The capital, Karauli, is 75 miles NW. of Gwalior. Pop. 25,124.


Karczag, a town of Hungary, 99 miles by rail E. by S. of Budapest. Pop. 25,825.


Karelia, an old name for the south-east part of Finland, annexed to Russia in 1721.


Karikal, the second in importance of the French possessions in India, is on the Coro-mandel coast, 12 miles N. of Negapatam, and has an area of nearly 53 sq. m. The pleasant capital (pop. 34,719), about a mile from the sea, was four times taken by the British. There is an active trade in rice. Pop. 70,526.


Karli, a place with a famous sculptured cave-temple, 126 feet long and 45 feet high, 40 miles NW. of Poona by rail.


Karlsbad. For Karlsbad, Karlskrona, Karlsruhe, etc, see Carlsbad, etc.


Karlsburg (Hung. Gyula-Fehervar), a town and fortress of Transylvania, near the Maros, 170 miles B. of Szegedin by rail. Pop. 9388.


Karluk, a place in Alaska, with the greatest salmon cannery in the world.


Karnac. See Thebes.


Karnal, a town of the Punjab, 7 miles W. of the Jumna's present course, and on the western Jumna Canal. Pop. 24,963.


Karnthen. See Carinthia.


Karnul, a town in Madras Presidency, 110 miles S. by W. of Hyderabad. Pop. 25,376.


Karroo, a generic name given to the high plains of Cape Colony; especially the Great Karroo, the elevated basin, more than 3000 feet above sea-level, and 350 miles long by 70 to 80 wide, which lies between the Nieuweveld Berge on the north and the Zwarte Berge on the south.


Kars, a fortress of Russian Armenia, 110 miles NB. of Erzerum. It is situated on a tableland over 6000 feet above the sea; the climate is therefore rather severe. Pop. 20,900, mostly Armenians. Kars, long a bulwark of the Ottoman empire in Asia, was taken by the Russians in 1828, resisted them for six months in 1855, and was stormed by them in 1877. It was ceded to Russia by the Berlin Congress in 1878, and its fortifications have been since augmented.