Kassai. See Congo.


Kas'sala, a fortified town on a tributary of the Atbara, 260 miles S. of Suakin. Pop. 10,000.


Kassas'sin, a lock on the canal between Ismailia and Zagazig, in Egypt, 21 miles W. of Ismailia. In the Egyptian campaign of 1882 it was the scene of a sharp action on the evening of August 28, in which Arabi's forces were completely routed, principally by the British cavalry.


Kassel. See Cassel.


Kastamu'ni, capital of a province in Asia Minor, 76 miles SW. of Sinope. It manufactures cotton goods, leather, etc. Here is the ancestral castle of the Comneni, 'Kastamuni' being a corruption of 'Castra Comneni.' Pop. 20,000.


Kasvin. See Kazvin.


Katahdin. the highest mountain in the state of Maine, 5385 feet high.


Katanga, a town and district in the very heart of Africa, between two head-streams of the Congo - below the Luapula issuing from Lake Bang-weolo, and passing on through Lake Moero, and a more westerly Lualaba, passing through a chain of lakes. Other names belonging to the adjoining territories are Msiri's country, Kasongo, etc. - all in the sphere of the Congo Independent State.


Kathiawar, or Strashtra, a peninsula on the west coast of India, lying between the Gulf of Cambay and the Gulf of Cutch. Politically, the name Kathiawar Agency (formed in 1822) is given to a collection of 187 states, some independent, some tributary to native princes, and some (105) tributary to the British government in India. Area of agency, 20,559 sq. m.; pop. (1901) 2,327,500.


Katmandhu. See Khatmandu.


Kat'rine, Loch, one of the most celebrated of Scottish lakes, in Stirling and Perth shires, 5 miles E. of Loch Lomond and 9 1/2 W. of Callander. Lying 364 feet above sea-level, it curves 8 miles east-south-eastward, is nowhere quite a mile broad, and has a maximum depth of 468 feet, and an area of 3119 acres. It discharges through Lochs Achray and Vennachar, to the Teith; and since 1859 has supplied Glasgow with water. Huge Benvenue (2393 feet) and Ben A'an (1500) rise steeply at its lower end, whose shores are beautifully wooded, with the mountain defile of the Trossachs beyond. Scott was often here during 1790-1809, as also in 1805 was Wordsworth with his sister Dorothy.

Kat River

Kat River, a branch of the Great Fish River, in the Cape Colony, rising in the Didimaberg.


Kattowitz, a town of Prussian Silesia, 105 miles SE. of Breslau. It has manufactures and coal-mines. Pop. 81,750.


Katzbach, a river of Prussian Silesia, which falls into the Oder at Parchwitz. On its banks, near Liegnitz, on 26th August 1813, the French were defeated by the Prussians and Russians.


Kaub. See Caub.


Kava. See Ava.


Ka'veri, or Cauvery, a river of southern India, rises in the Western Ghats, and flows 475 miles south-east across Mysore and Madras, to the Bay of Bengal, which it enters through two principal mouths. The Kaveri is of no value for navigation, its bed being rocky, with numerous rapids and falls - as those at the island of Sivasamudram, in Mysore, famous for their romantic beauty. Other islands formed by it are Seringapatam, in Mysore, and Sriringam, just above the delta. It is important for irrigation in Mysore and Coimbatore, but especially in the marvellous fertile delta. For this purpose the main stream has been dammed since the 4th century a.d., the Coleroon (the northern branch) since 1838.