Kayes, or Khayes, a town of the French Soudan, on the river Senegal, with a railway of 94 miles to Bafoulabe. Pop. 10,000.


Kazbek, or Casbeck. See Caucasus.


Kazvin, or Casbin, a town of Persia, 95 miles NW. of Teheran. It manufactures brocade, velvet, cotton, and iron-ware, and has obtained a new commercial importance through the opening of the Transcaucasian Railway. Pop. 40,000.


Keady, a market-town, 8 miles SW. of Armagh. Pop. 1466.


Kearney, a town of Nebraska, on the Platte River, 196 miles by rail W. by S. of Omaha. It manufactures flour, ploughs, wagons, furniture, etc. Pop. 5640.


Kearsarge, a mountain of New Hampshire, 22 miles NW. of Concord, and 2950 feet high.


Kearsley, a town of Lancashire, 4 miles SE. of Bolton, with neighbouring coal-mines and paper-mills. Pop. 9260.


Kecskemet, a town of Hungary, 55 miles by rail SE. of Budapest. Pop. 57,500.


Keeling (or Cocos) Islands, a group of more than a dozen coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, 500 miles SW. of Java, attached since 1886 to the Straits Settlements. They are covered with cocoa-nut palms, whence oil is extracted, and are inhabited by about 400 Malays, but owned by a Scotsman named Ross. These islands were discovered by Captain Keeling in 1609 and were visited by Darwin in 1836.


Keen, Mount, a conical Grampian summit (3077 feet), 7 miles SSE. of Ballater.


Keene, a pretty town of New Hampshire, the capital of Cheshire county, on the Ashuelot River, 92 miles by rail NW. of Boston. Pop. 9446.


Keewa'tin, part of the country lying north of Manitoba. It is nominally administered by the lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, but is nearly uninhabited, except by Eskimos in the north. It embraces the northern part of Lake Winnipeg, and includes the mouth of the Saskatchewan River, which is navigable, except for a short distance, for nearly 1000 miles. The Nelson and Churchill rivers also pass through Keewatin; and Chesterfield Inlet, on the west side of Hudson Bay, penetrates nearly to its western boundary.


Kef, El, a walled town of Tunis, 95 miles SW. of the capital, with a ruined temple, thermae, and cisterns of Roman construction. Pop. 4000.


Kegworth, a Leicestershire town, 6 miles NNW. of Loughborough. Pop. of parish, 2149. Kehl. See Strasburg.


Keig, an Aberdeenshire parish, 29 miles WNW. of Aberdeen, the birth and burial place of Professor W. Robertson Smith.


Keighley (Keethley), a market and 'manufacturing town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, on the Aire, amid the moorland scenery of the Brontes' country, 9 miles NW. of Bradford and 17 WNW. of Leeds. It has a parish church (rebuilt 1848), a Gothic mechanics' institute (1870-87), the Drake trade school (1713; rebuilt 1860), extensive water-works (1876), two public parks of 9 and 15 acres gifted in 1887-88 by the Duke of Devonshire and Mr J. Lund, and important manufactures of worsted and woollen goods, worsted-spinning machinery, and sewing and washing machines. Keighley was constituted a municipal borough in 1882. Pop. (1851) 13,050; (1901) 41,563. See R. Holmes, Keighley, Past and Present (1858).