Kiachta, or Kiakhta, a town of the Siberian province of Transbaikalia, 165 miles SE. of Irkutsk, close to the Chinese town of Maimatchin. Pop. 9000. Kiachta was from 1689 to 1800 the sole trading-place between China and Russia.


Kiangsi, Kiangsu, provinces of China (q.v.).


Kiao-chao, or Kiao-chow, a city inland from the bay of the same name, in the Chinese promontory of Shantung. In 1S98 the town, with an area of 130 sq. m. and a pop. of 60,000, was leased to Germany for ninety-nine years, forming a German protectorate. The foreign settlement and port are at Tsing-tao, on the same bay, where fine streets have been built, and waterworks, telephones, electric light, etc. established.


Kidderminster, a parliamentary and municipal borough of Worcestershire, on the Stour, 4 miles above its junction with the Severn, and 14 1/2 miles by rail N. of Worcester, 121 NW. of London. It is a busy, thriving-looking place, chiefly noteworthy for its carpet manufacture, which dates from 1735. Worsted spinning and dyeing are also carried on. Richard Baxter was for fourteen years vicar, and there is a statue of him (1875). An illustrious native was Sir Rowland Hill; a marble statue of him was erected in 1881. Chief buildings are the parish church, Early English to Perpendicular in style, with a noble pinnacled tower ; a Renaissance town-hall (1877), a corn exchange (1855), a free library, and a free grammar-school, founded in 1637. Kidder-minster was incorporated as a municipal borough by Charles I., and since 1832 has returned one member. Pop. (1851) 18,453 ; (1901) 24,692. See Burton's History of Kidderminster (1890).


Kidwelly, a Carmarthenshire municipal borough (1885), near Carmarthen Bay, 9| miles WNW. of Llanelly. Pop. 2282.


Kielce, the smallest of the Polish governments of Russia, on the Austrian frontier. Area, 3897 sq. m. ; pop. 780,000. The capital, Kielce, 85 miles NE. of Cracow, has 25,000 inhabitants.


Kikinda, Nagy, a town of Hungary, 36 miles by rail \V. of Temesvar. Pop. 24,500.


Kilauea, the great volcano of Hawaii (q.v.).


Kilbarchan (Kilbar'hhan), a town of Renfrewshire, 12 miles W. by S. of Glasgow. It manufactures silks, cottons, etc. Pop. 2887.


Kilbeggan, a town of Westmeath, 4 miles SE. of Horseleap station. Pop. 900.


Kilbirnie, an Ayrshire town, on the Garnock, 20 miles SW. of Glasgow. It manufactures linen-thread, wincey, nets, etc. Pop. 4578.


Kilbowie, now part of the police-burgh of Clydebank, in Dumbartonshire, is the seat of the Singer sewing-machine works.


Kilbride, East, a town of Lanarkshire, 12 miles SSE. of Glasgow. Pop. 1230.


Kilbride, West, an Ayrshire town, 4 1/4 miles NNW. of Ardrossan. Pop. 2320.


Kilburn, a metropolitan suburb, 5 miles NW. of St Paul's. See also Kinburn.


Kilchurn (Kilhoorn'), a ruined castle of the Campbells, in Argyllshire, at the NE. end of Loch Awe, 2 1/2 miles W. by N. of Dalmally.