Kim'berley, (1) a town of Notts, 5 3/4 miles NW. of Nottingham. Pop. of ecclesiastical parish, 5130. - (2) A Norfolk parish, 3 1/3 miles NW. of Wymondham, with the seat of the Earl of Kimberley. - (3) Capital of Griqualand West, South Africa, the most important inland town of Cape Colony, is situated 540 miles NE. of Capetown by rail (30 hours). With the rest of Griqualand West, Kimberley became part of Cape Colony only in 1880; but the town owes its existence and rapid growth to the diamond-mines, the working of which dates from 1871. It is on the main line from Capetown and the sea to the Orange River Colony, the Transvaal, and the immense territories to the north. There are a handsome town-hall, post-office, high court, public library, and botanic gardens. In the South African war Kimberley was defended by British troops against the Boers for 122 days in 1899-1900, until relieved by French. Pop. (1891) 28,718; (1904) 34,260, of whom half are whites. - (4) A fertile district in the Fitzroy basin in northern (tropical) Western Australia, where gold was found in 1893.