Kokstadt. See Griqualand.


Kola, the capital (pop. 770) of Russian Lapland, and the most northern town of European Russia, is situated on the peninsula of Kola, near the head of the Kola inlet. The peninsula is a dreary expanse of forests and lakes, but in the Umbdek Mountains, east of Lake Imandra, rises to 3300 feet.


Kolapur (Kolhdpur), the capital of a tributary state in Bombay, 144 miles S. by E. of Poona, famous for its ancient temples. Pop. 54,500. - Area of state, 2816 sq. m.; pop. 915,000.


Kolguef, or Kalguef, an island in the Russian government of Archangel, in the Arctic Ocean. Area, 1350 sq. m.


Kolin, or Kollin, a town of Bohemia, on the Elbe, 38 miles by rail B. by S. of Prague, is a centre of the sugar industry of the country, and manufactures chemicals, oil, metal wares, etc. Pop. 15,636. Near it, on June 18, 1757, the Aus-trians defeated Frederick the Great.


Koln. See Cologne.


Kolome'a, a town of Austrian Galicia, on the Pruth, 43 miles by rail NW. of Czernowitz. Near a rich petroleum region, it has petroleum and paraffin-candle works. Pottery is, however, the staple manufacture. Pop. 35,235.


Kolomna, a town of Russia, on the Moskva, 68 miles SE. of Moscow. It manufactures silk, linen, leather, soap, and machines. Pop. 28,323.


Kolosvar. See Klausenburg.


Kolyma', a river of E. Siberia, flowing from the Stanovoi Mountains 995 miles NE. to the Arctic Ocean. It is frozen forty weeks.


Ko'morn, a town of Hungary, on the island of Schutt, in the Danube, here crossed by a bridge of boats, 48 miles NW. of Pesth. Its strong fortress dates from about 1300. Pop. 23,042.


Konakry. See Conacry.


Kong, a district of West Africa, stretching from 8° 30' to 12° N. lat. along the upper course of the Comoe (mouth at Grand Bassam on the Ivory Coast). It forms a plateau 2300 feet above sea-level; and the Kong Mountains of geographers are really mere isolated granitic peaks only 300 feet higher. The people are Mandingoes by race and Mohammedans by religion. The capital, Kong, has 12,000 to 15,000 inhabitants. Kong was declared a French protectorate in 1889.


Konieh, or Koniya. See Iconium.


Koniggratz (Koniggraytz), a cathedral city of Bohemia, on the Elbe, 73 miles by rail E. by N. of Prague. Here Ziska was buried in 1424. Pop. 9160 ; with suburbs,.17,715. A signal victory was gained here on 3d July 1866 by the Prussians over the Austrians: the latter name the battle Sadowa from a village nearer the battlefield.


Konigshut'te, a rapidly-growing centre of great coal, iron, zinc, and copper works in Prussian Silesia, 110 miles SE. of Breslau by rail. It was constituted a town in 1869, out of several mining-villages. Pop. 61,000.


Konigstein, a fortress of Saxony, once regarded as impregnable, but now of no military importance, stands on a rock 800 feet above the Elbe, 24 miles SE. of Dresden by rail.