Konigswart, a town of Bohemia, 14 miles by rail SE. of Eger, in a romantic valley, has a fine castle of Prince Metternich, chalybeate springs, and a bathing establishment. Pop. 2112.


Konigswinter, a village on the Rhine (pop. 3200), 21 miles SE. of Cologne.


Konkan, a strip of coast-districts in Bombay Presidency, extending from Gujarat on the north, past Goa, to the south of North Kanara. Its breadth varies from 1 or 2 to 50 miles, as the Western Ghats approach or recede from the sea.


Kootenay, a river of British Columbia, which rises in the mountains that separate it from Alberta, and, after passing through a corner of the U.S., forms the Kootenay Lake, and after a course of 450 miles falls into the Columbia River. There have been rich gold finds here since 1896.


Kopparberg, another name for Falun (q.v.).


Kordofan', or the White Land, since 1899 once more a province of the Egyptian Soudan, is separated from Sennaar on the E. by the White Nile, and from Dar-Fur on the W. by a strip of desert. It extends from 12° to 16° N. lat. and from 29° 30' to 32° 30' E. long.; its area, including Takalla on the S., has been estimated at 41,500 sq. m., and its pop. at 280,000. The surface is undulating. The chief product is millet, the principal food of the inhabitants. The capital is El-Obeid, with 30,000 inhabitants, situated in the centre of the country.


Korea. See Corea.


Koros, Nagy ('Great Koros'), a town of Hungary, 55 miles SE. of Budapest by rail. Pop. 26.584. - Kiss Koros ('Little Koros'), a town, 66 miles by rail S. by E. of Budapest, is the birthplace of Petofi. Pop. 8734.


Korosko, a small village of Lower Nubia, with a few wretched huts straggling along the right bank of the Nile, about midway between the first and second cataracts.


Kosciusko, Mount. See Australia, p. 62.


Koslin, a town of Prussia, 5 miles from the Baltic and 85 NE. of Stettin. It manufactures iron, paper, soap, bricks, etc. Pop. 27,277.


Koslow. See Kozlof.


Kos'sovo, the ' Field of Blackbirds,' a plain in Turkey, near the Servian frontier, west of the Prishtina, the scene of two Turkish victories - (1) of Sultan Murad I. over the Servian Tsar Lazar in 1389, when both sovereigns fell, and the Servians lost their independence ; (2) of Sultan Murad II. over the great Hungarian general Hunyady in 1448.


Kostendil, an archiepiscopal city of Bulgaria, near the Struma, 43 miles SW. of Sofia, has gold and silver mining, warm baths, and numerous ruins. Pop. 11,400.


Kostnitz. See Constance.


Kos'troma, capital of a Russian government, near the Kostroma's influx to the Volga, 216 miles by rail NNE. of Moscow. The spinning and weaving of cotton and linen, brandy distilling, dyeing, corn-grinding, and tanning are chief industries. Pop. 41,196. - Area of government, 32,692 sq. m. ; pop. 1,428,900.