Laporte, capital of Laporte county, Indiana, 50 miles ESE. of Chicago. Pop. 7126.


Lar, capital of Laristan, in south Persia, 170 miles SE. of Shiraz. Pop. 12,000.


Lar'acor, a Meath parish, on the Boyne, 3 miles SE. of Trim. Swift was vicar of Laracor.


Lar'amie, a river which rises in northern Colorado, and flows 200 miles NE. through southeastern Wyoming to the North Fork of the Platte at Fort Laramie. It gives name to the Laramie Plains, a treeless plateau, 7500 feet above sea-level, and 3000 sq. m. in extent; and to the Laramie Mountains, a Rocky Mountain Range which bounds this plateau N. and E. Laramie City, Wyoming, on this great plain, and on the Union Pacific Railroad, 573 miles W. of Omaha, has a rolling-mill and railway shops. Pop. 8388.


Larbert, a railway junction in Stirlingshire, 2 miles W. by N. of Falkirk.


Lare'do, capital of Webb county, Texas, on the Rio Grande, opposite Nuevo Laredo, by rail 153 miles SSW of San Antonio and 840 N. of Mexico. Pop. 14,000.


Largo, a village of Fife, on Largo Bay, and at the base of Largo Law (965 feet), 14 miles NE. of Kirkcaldy. It has a bronze statue (1885) of Alexander Selkirk, who was born here. Popula-tion, 481.


Largs, an Ayrshire watering-place, on the Firth of Clyde, 14 miles S. of Greenock, and 11 N. of Ardrossan by a railway (1885). Here, on 12th October 1263, Alexander III. defeated Haco of Norway. Pop. 3500.


Larissa (Turkish Yenisher), anciently the chief town of Thessaly, and ceded by Turkey to Greece in 1881, stands on the Salambria (anc. Peneus), and manufactures silk and cotton goods and tobacco. The seat of a Greek archbishop, it is connected by rail (37 1/2 miles) with the port of Volo : an Athens-Larissa railway was in progress' in 1894. Pop. 15,169.


Laristan, the south-west part of the Persian province of Kerman (q.v.). Area, 22,954 sq. m.; pop. about 90,000.


Lark, a river of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, flowing 26 miles NW., past Bury St Edmunds and Mildenhall, to the Ouse near Littleport.


Larkhall, a Lanarkshire town, 3 1/2 miles SSE. of Hamilton. Pop. (1861) 2685 ; (1901) 11,879.


Larkhana, the capital of a Sind district, called 'the Eden of Sind,' 150 miles N. of Hyderabad by rail. Pop. 13,188.


Lar'naka (anc. Citium), the chief port of Cyprus, 27 1/2 miles S. of Nicosia. The British have built a court-house, custom-house, etc, on the sea front, as well as two iron piers. Sea-going vessels have to lie l 1/2 mile from the shore owing to the shallow water. Pop. 7933.


Lame, a seaport of County Antrim, at the entrance of Lough Larne, 25 miles NE. of Belfast by rail. There is daily communication with Stranraer by mail-steamer. Pop. 6670.


Larnica. See Larnaka.

La Rochelle

La Rochelle. See Rochelle.


Larvik. See Laurvik.

La Salette

La Salette. See Salette.

La Salle

La Salle, a city of Illinois, at the head of steam-navigation on the Illinois River, 99 miles by rail WSW. of Chicago, with which it is also connected by the Illinois Canal. Bituminous coal is mined here, and the city has manufactures of zinc, glass, and iron. Pop. 10,500.