Leuctra, a village of ;otia. Here the Thebans under Epaminondas routed the Spartan king Cleombrotus (371 B.C.).


Leuk (Fr. Loeche), a town (pop. 1411) in the Swiss canton of Valais, on the Rhone's right bank, 15 miles above Sion. It is the station, on the Simplon railway, for the Baths of Leuk (4643 feet above sea-level), 5 miles N. The springs (124°-199o F.) are saline, chalybeate, and sulphureous, and are used both for drinking and bathing, chiefly in skin and stomachic diseases.


Leukas, Leucadia, or Santa Maura, one of the Ionian Islands, lies close to the west coast of Greece; about 660 B.C. the Corinthians cut through the peninsula that joined it to the mainland. It is 20 miles long by 8 wide, with an area of 110 sq. m. The backbone of the island is a ridge of white limestone ; hence the name (leukos, 'white'). Pop. 25,000. - The capital, Amaxichi or Leukas, on the east coast, is the seat of an archbishop; pop. 3800. Long Venetian, the island was occupied by Britain in 1810.


Leuthen, a village of Prussia, in Lower Silesia, 10 miles W. of Breslau. Here, on 5th December 1757, Frederick the Great defeated the Austrians.


Levant' (from the Ital. Levante, the 'Orient,' or 'Rising' - i.e. the East), the eastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea and the coast-regions of Syria, Asia Minor, and Egypt. In a wider sense, the name is given to all the regions eastward of Italy, as far as the Euphrates and the Nile.


Leven, a police-burgh (1867) of Fife, on the Firth of Forth, at the mouth of the river Leven, near a rich coalfield, 11 miles by rail NE. of Kirkcaldy. It is a summer-resort, and has good golf-links. Pop. (1841) 1827 ; (1901) 5577.


Leven, Loch, a salt-water loch between Argyll and Inverness shires, extending 11 1/2 miles westward to Loch Linnhe. See also Lochleven.


Levis, or Point Levi, capital of a county south of the St Lawrence, opposite Quebec (q.v.), with a large graving-dock. Pop. 8000.


Levkosia. See Nicosia.


Levuka, till 1882 the capital of Fiji (q.v.).


Lewis, or Snake River, the great southern branch of the Columbia (q.v.). See Idaho.


Lewisham, 6 miles SSE. of Charing Cross, since 1885 a parliamentary borough (pop. 67,500).


Lewiston, a city of Maine, on the Androscoggin River, 35 miles N. of Portland. The river, which is crossed by several bridges, has here a fall of 50 feet. The principal manufactures are woollens and cottons. Lewiston contains a Baptist college. Pop. 25,000.


Leyburn, a town of Yorkshire, 7 1/2 miles SSW. of Richmond. Pop. of parish, 850.

Ley land

Ley land, a town of Lancashire, 4 1/2 miles S. of Preston. Pop. 6972.


Leyton, a suburban town of Essex, 1 mile N. of Stratford. Pop. 99,106.

Liakhov Islands

Liakhov Islands. See Siberia.


Liao-tung, properly the part of southern Manchuria east of the river Liao, but latterly restricted to the peninsula at the end of which Port Arthur (q.v.) and Dalny (q.v.) are situated. - Liao-yang, scene of one of the great battles in 1905, is on a western tributary of the Liao.