Los Angeles (Los An'je-les), a city of California, capital of Los Angeles county, 483 miles SB. of San Francisco by the Southern Pacific Railroad. It is one of the oldest towns in the western states, and was already a thriving place when the Franciscan fathers established a mission here in 1781; its full name being Pueblo de la Reina de los Angeles. In 1835-47 it was the capital of the state of California. To-day it possesses a handsome opera-house, the University of southern California, a magnificent observatory, a R. C. cathedral, fine botanic gardens, etc. Pop. (1870) 5728 ; (1900) 102,479, the Spanish forming only an insignificant minority. Los Angeles is the centre of the orange-growing industry, and in the city alone are two reservoirs, with a capacity of 850,000 gallons, used solely for irrigation. The chief occupation is the cultivation and export of oranges, grapes, etc, as well as the manufacture of wine. Many invalids resort to Los Angeles in the winter. See California of the South, by Lindley and Widney (1888).