Mahanoy City

Mahanoy' City, a mining-town of Pennsylvania, 109 miles by rail NW. of Philadelphia, with collieries and manufactories. Pop. 13,286.


Mahe, the only French settlement on the west coast of India, in the Malabar district, 35 miles NNW. of Calicut. Area, 3 3/4 sq. m. ; pop. 9280.

Mahi Kantha Agency

Mahi Kantha Agency, a group of fifty-two native states in Bombay Presidency. Of the total area of 9300 sq. m., nearly half belongs to the state of Edar or Idar. Pop. 381,568.


Mahon. See Port Mahon.

Maida Hill

Maida Hill, a NW. suburb of London. Maidenhead, a municipal borough and market-town of Berkshire, is situate amidst beautiful scenery, 13 miles E. by N. of Reading, and 26 W. of London, on the right bank of the Thames. It was the scerte in 1399 of an engagement between the rival forces of Richard II. and Henry IV., and in 1647, at the Greyhound Inn, of the interview of Charles I. with his children. On the opposite, or Bucks, side of the river is Taplow (pop. 1029), whose wooded slopes are crowned by Cliveden (q.v.). Maidenhead has a recreation ground of 12 acres, opened in 1890. Pop. (1851) 3697 ; (1901) 12,980.


Maimana (Mi'mana), a mountainous state tributary since 1874 to Afghanistan, situated on the northern frontier next Russian Turkestan. Area, 4750 sq. m.; pop. of 100,000, mostly warlike Uzbegs and Tajiks. The capital is Maimana (pop. 2500).


Maimansingh, a district of Eastern Bengal, the capital of which is Nasirabad. Area, 6332 sq. m. ; pop. 3,917,500.


Maimatchin (Mi-ma-cheen'), a Chinese trading-town on the northern boundary of Mongolia, opposite Kiachta (q.v.). Pop. 3000.


Main (Ger. pron. Mine), the largest affluent the Rhine receives from the right, is formed by the union of two branches, the White and the Red Main, 4 miles below Kulmbach, in north-east Bavaria. The river flows westwards by huge zigzags past Bamberg, Schweinfurt, Wurzburg, Aschaffenburg, Hanau, Offenbach, and Frankfort, and mingles its yellow waters with the green current of the Rhine opposite Mainz, after a total course of 307 miles (205 navigable). The chief affluents are, on the right, the Saale, and on the left, the Regnitz. The Main flows through a beautiful country, the castled hill-slopes covered with vineyards. Its waters communicate with those of the Danube by the Ludwigs-Kanal and the Altmuhl. The Main separates North Germany from South Germany.


Maine-et-Loire (Mayn-ay-Lwar), a French dep. formed out of the old province of Anjou, and watered by the Maine and Loire, is divided into the arrondissements of Angers (the capital), Beauge, Cholet, Saumur, and Segre. Area, 2749 sq. m. ; pop. (1872) 518,471 ; (1901) 514,658.


Mainpuri (Mine-poo'ree), a town of the Indian province of Agra, 75 miles E. of Agra. Pop. 20,000.


Maitland, a town of New South Wales, 93 miles NNE. of Sydney by rail, and 20 NW. of Newcastle. It is divided by the Hunter River into East and West Maitland, which are separate municipalities. The town is the see of a Roman Catholic bishop; and West Maitland has mills, coach-building, tobacco, and boot factories. Good coal abounds in the neighbourhood. Pop. of the two municipalities, 12,000.